Would you go with a crossbow or a normal bow like a Recurve bow or a Compound Bow?

May 24, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Fang asked:

Which do you think is better to use for hunting and target practice and why? ^-^

Compound Crossbow
Recurve Bow
Compound Crossbow

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what should i do about rust on my compound bow?

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7 Responses to “Would you go with a crossbow or a normal bow like a Recurve bow or a Compound Bow?”
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    That may be a legal question- in many states you can’t hunt with a crossbow unless you are handicapped.

    I dont’ think anyone hunts with a recurve anymore

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    a recurve you can shoot with your instincts,, like throwing rock eye hand cord. and are light weight ,, have taken many deer with mine bear takedown 76 ers are fine bows

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    crossbow you may need a license
    but they are deadly you could easily take down a deer with one
    but if you get a recurve rated for 80 pounds you should be pretty good with one

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    I prefer the Re-curve Bow with no sights on it at all.*

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    overall a crossbow is probably easiest. some states don’t allow the use of a crossbow for hunting i know illinois doesn’t. the recurve is more difficult but much more fun overall IMO.

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    I’ll go with the one you did not list: Longbow.

    It’s light-weight, very quiet when used with arrows of the proper spine and weight, very easy on the fingers when a release aid is not available (but why would anyone even want to use a release aid is beyond me). Plus, it is very easy to make one from nearly any kind of tree (although some trees make far better longbows than others).

    And when you need a certain kind of tool in an “emergency” situation and just simply are not able to make one, a longbow is a wonderful means of support. Walking stick, splint, carrying yoke, etc, etc… (Arthur Young and Saxton Pope often used a longbow, as a carry-pole between them, to carry game such as cougar to their camp….)

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