Will you help me compile a list of recreational activities?

May 16, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Laura D asked:

So far I have Swimming, scuba diving, going to the beach, traveling, surfing, LARP, para-sailing, ski/snowboarding, snow tubing, paintball, laser tag, roller derbies, ice skating, roller skating, bowling, camping, karaoke, going to see musicals/plays, rock climbing, rappelling, touring a historical site, restoring historical things, horseback riding, work in a soup kitchen, run a food drive, bike ride, do crafts, teach younger children something, geocaching, scavenger hunts, mini golf, golf, going to the movies, going to a museum, go-karting, going to an amusement park, hiking, tracing your ancestry, putting on a skit, going to a rock concert, going to a shooting range, hunting, archery, going to a car race, ride in a hot air balloon.

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One Response to “Will you help me compile a list of recreational activities?”
  1. Caffeinated Content

    ultimate frisbee, gymnastics, disc golf, hunting, skydiving, painting, oragami, drawing, shopping, competitive eating, traveling, gardening…those are a few….Hope that helps!

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