Why is that archery is no more popular than it is?

October 5, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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pj h asked:

Here where I live nearly every man and some of the women think they are Robin Hood not to mention the kids? Sundays it's standing room only at the local archery range and plans are being made to add another twenty targets. Nowhere else I have ever ben has so mutch archery popularity and I can't understand it.

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Where can I find a cheap archery bow including target arrows?

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    me and my best friend also would love to have more people in the area like archery-she’s kick ass at it! i-well, not so much, but i love it still! i have no clue why archery isn’t that popular, probably because it’s not as commercialized as football, baseball, etc.

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    I have been wondering, for years now, how to get more folks in my area interested in archery…especially Traditional Archery, without stabilizers, sights or mechanical release aids — things most compound bow users can’t seem to do without.

    I think one of the more over-riding reasons archery isn’t as popular as it once was is because it is “too hard to do” — meaning that it involves more than “point-and-shoot”. With a rifle, all you need to do is line up the sights and pull the trigger (same with many compond bows) — and “blam!”, you see the result almost instantly. Along with that “blam!”, you get a feeling of “power”, as if you are a god (or goddess).

    With archery, you have to hold the bow correctly, draw the arrow back correctly, and release the string correctly — and if you do everything correctly, the arrow flies gracefully to the target. The only feeling of “power” you might get from archery is knowing that you are strong enough to pull that string back to a specific distance…

    If anyone wants to read an amusing little story about archery (at least the story involves archery..), find a copy of the book “The Mouse That Roared”. I think I’ll go to the local book-seller’s and see if they have it……

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