which is the right bow for me?

June 2, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Lucas asked:

I am 13 and want a bow, but the question is which one. I want one for target practice and for hunting. I want it still be able to use it when i am an adult. And i am also new to archery. I want the bow to be powerful.

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2 Responses to “which is the right bow for me?”
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of archery. The first question would be, what is the time frame? Do you want to be able to hunt with it right away? By right away, I mean sometime in the next month or so. If so, the only bow that will allow you to do that is the compound. With recurves or longbows it’ll take about a year of intensive practice before you should be thinking about hunting with them. A compound bow will also allow you to set the bow aside during the off season and pick it back up next season with minimal impact on performance. Can’t do that with a recurve or longbow, you get either of these bows and you better spend time every week practicing, or you won’t be able to hit the broadside of a barn.

    The other thing is, powerful don’t usually go hand in hand with beginner. Afterall you don’t learn how to drive in a formula one car, you first learn in a Ford Focus and work your way up. Same idea with archery. With a compound bow you can start a bit faster, so instead of learning on the Ford Focus, you get into say a BMW M3. At 13, you’re still growing, so equipment you get today will most likely be unusable when you’re fully grown, your draw length will change, you will get stronger.

  2. Create a video blog…instantly.

    go to 3riversarchery and look up Sage No Tools Take-Down Recurve Bow
    Item Number: 2490X
    good luck

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