Which bow is a good starters target bow?

May 15, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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kevin b asked:

I started doing target archery for fun and I go to a range where I can rent the equipment for about $5 on open night. I really like the sport and I would like to get my own bow. The thing is that I don't know that much about the upkeep of the bow. I intend to learn but since it is my first bow I would like something reliable that does not need much maintenance. Which make and model have you guys had the best results with? What do you recommend? This is only for target shooting by the way. I am not going to use it to hunt.

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3 Responses to “Which bow is a good starters target bow?”
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    Go to a good pro shop. Do not go to Wal-Mart or Cabelas. A pro shop will give you the chance to try several types and make sure you get started with the right equipment and training.

    Matthews makes a great starter compound bow called a Genesis. It is a perfect bow to start with. There are several recurve bows out there also.

    I personally prefer Hoyt bows, so I am not a Matthews salesman. But the Genesis is hard to beat for starters.

    Most bows are pretty much maintenance free. Just keep them dry and clean and don’t kick them around.

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    i would recommend a compound bow brand named “Martin” they make exellent biginers bows fro about $350 ( australian )

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    when choosing a bow you need to actually try them out and find the one that fits you and feels comfortable (just like a rifle or shotgun) what one person loves you may decide is not for you. Find an archery shop near you and try the different bows they have and don’t stop and just one shop there are several out there and they all carry different kinds. Me personally I shoot a “Martin” it is a compound bow that fits me and is very quiet (I shoot target archery, 3d and I hunt) My daughter on the other hand shoots a “Hoyt” and is very happy with it and she shoots target archery and hunts ) My son shoots a “Browning” and swears by it. My Husband shoots a “Matthews” and is planning on replacing it with something else he said they are too expensive and there is too much vibration in the bow itself.
    The most important thing you can do is when you decide what you are comfortable shooting is to keep shooting and have fun.
    By the way AlaskaMusher suggested a genesis bow …you might still find a few out there but genesis is going out of production and you may not get support for that bow in the near future. I know this because we have started an afterschool archery club and they sent us a letter stating that replacement parts may be difficult to get in the near future.

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