Where to put my treestand?

May 28, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Alright guys, here is the situation. On the property that I hunt, there are a few different locations in which would normally be very good for deer hunting. However, I am after one deer in particular. He is a wiley one. I see him all year except for during hunting season. There are an abundance of trails that the deer walk, and I can take several of them, but this guy is 6 years old now. I have been watching him since he was a fawn. He has a white spot on his left shoulder so I know it is the same deer. He was a twin, but somehow the other one just disappeared about 3 years ago maybe someone else got that one. He has a very nice rack, and is fully mature. I saw him not too long ago, and is a very impressive 10 or 12 point. I saw clearly 5 points standing on each antler, but it was a quick view, so he might have more. He lives on my and a neighbors property, which I have permission to hunt. I have a funnel to a food plot, but when deer season opens he just isn't there. There is another funnel that is used quiet often too, and I seen several deer during past hunting seasons on this trail. The problem with the two funnels is this, for some reason the wind changes radically, and the one deer I want keeps eluding me during season.

Last year, I hunted for him all season, and the very next day after hunting season closed, he walked to about 20 feet from me! Talk about frustration!

I have tried setting up near water where I have seen him drinking, and I have set up less than 50 yards from where I have seen him bed. I have set up on the funnels, and I set up at the wood lines where he eats the rest of the year on acorns. I'm out of ideas now as to where to set up to get this majestic animal. I am very successful with getting other deer, but how can I get this one to come near me? I normally hunt with a bow because I have a lot longer season bowhunting, but even with a rifle, he just isn't there for me to put the crosshairs on. Where does he go? I can understand the patterns change during the rut, and that he goes nocturnal after pressure is on, but on opening week of bow season? There are only 3 hunters that are on the property, and we stay well away from one another, but even the other guys don't see him either. Do you have any ideas? It is illegal to bait in Alabama, so that is not an option, but I doubt it would help with this guy anyways. Any tips would be appreciated. Bow season starts Oct 15, and the rut here is in Jan.
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    Typical Buck….He knows when the season is on…..probably has a calender and deer regs. He is smart that’s why he has lived so long. Deer are very aware of the season because of all the noise and scent of humans. He probably hides deep in the woods far away from you and only feeds at night. Deer rarely come out in the day time unless its really hot and dry searching for water…….Very early or very late in the day is when you might see him legally to shoot. Food plot and legal food like acorns or apples may help. A trail cam or 2 might help you. You need to do some scouting to find his hiding spots and habits. Bucks usually don’t follow the normal trails. Feed lots before season.

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    * You eventually will succeed if you are Persistent and Patient enough.* Its just a matter of time.* Just keep putting yourself out there and it will happen without you doing anything else.* Hunters have been successful for Century’s without all the talk about Camo, Scent Blocker, Detergents, Soaps and all the other Hyped up stuff about Hunting.*

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    Hmm this is tough, im not sure, but it could be that buck smells you and is staying away. Try some more scent killer, I know guys who douse every inch of their clothes in that stuff. If thats not the problem, my best bet would be place the treestand near the water hole. Unlike many food plots, acorns, apples etc, deer don’t change what they drink. And if there aren’t too many water resources on the property, I’d say this is your best bet. Deer usually will stick with the same water hole all year round if there is reasonable cover nearby. So that’s probably where I would put it, and during the rut use scents. Also even though baiting is illegal, I would rub some apples or carrots up on trees nearby, so the deer are attracted and you aren’t breaking the law.

    Hope I helped

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    put 3 or 4 stands on the hardest hit trails and rotate through those stands one day after another and leave one stand on the food plots just in case.

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    Ok by the way to talk you seem to know a good bunch more than some people I’ve hunted with. Stand placement ..umm…between bed and food. or where you know does go to bed..he is male after all. Please know I’m not trying to insult your intelligence by going through the steps here. Just trying to help..OK? #1. Do a load of laundry (regular laundry) with the safe sport sent killer and make sure there is no fabric softener residue in ti. Wash your clothes in safe sport to remove any sent and brighteners that most commercial laundry soap manufactures put in there brands. (I do it twice when I get a new set). #2 And this might be a bit extreme but I clean out the drier of any lint and spray it down with a scent killer (I use earth sent)When you are ready to pull them out of the washer for the second time make sure you have washed your hands and arms in a hunters unscented soap. I even utilize an earth scented human sent killer. Quickly place your hunting cl othersin the drier and run it. #3 Now comes a very important part. You need a good quality sent free storage bag for when you are done drying. Use a cover sent pad in the bag. When your ready and you have re washed your hands put the clothes quickly in the bag and zip lock it shut. Don’t bother to fold them yet…go outside away from any sent source that would contaminate your freshly washed clothes gently hang them on some branches of brush. They can hang there while you take care to fold-seperate keeping them out of dog S+++t and the like. After your done and you have sealed the bag..if you want..you can take a shop vac and suck the air out of them and quickly reseal. Store them (sheltered and not on the ground) somewhere safe till hunting. They may slowly suck in air but if it’s outside and sheltered from the elements and you sent wafer in in there…it won’t matter.

    Before you go to the woods shower with a hunters sent free soap and shampoo. Use a good hunters sent killer underarm deodorant. Use Scent killer in and out side of you boots, legs (including you crotch), your bow right before you go in the woods.

    Whew that’s alot to say..expensive..well yes it can be..but your quarry’s #1 defense..HIS NOSE..#2 hearing and last but not at all least his sight in low light…good luck I hope this helps…Again not trying to insult you.

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    Well since I live in Iowa I want to say get em in the rut…but in Iowa the rut is in the late fall, not in January so that probably doesn’t do much for you in bama. So that takes out rattling and using estrus doe scents. I would say your best bet is hunting from “feed to bed” in the morning. You sound like an intelligent hunter so just go with your gut and use your head.

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