Where do you find a toy bow and arrow set for kids that are like 9?

May 30, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Julie Albright asked:

My son wants a toy bow and arrow. We don't want to buy him one from a hunting store because that would support hunting, but I can't find one of the toy ones. I searched on Target.com and Toysrus.com but I still can't find one. Do you know where I can find a cheap archery set for kids? Thanks! :-)

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5 Responses to “Where do you find a toy bow and arrow set for kids that are like 9?”
  1. archery hunting

    Well i know one of freinds has one and bought it for $20$ and i used it and its pretty cool. It is an Bow and comes with three safe foam arrows. He bought it at toysrus and by the nerf section if they have it

  2. archery hunting

    doller store, 99$ , doller tree

  3. Kansieo.com

    Just about the only place(s) you will find toy bows/arrows, the ones with foam and soft plastic, are ***stores that sell toys***. If you are looking for a small bow, with arrows to go with it, something which will actually be able to put those arrows ***into the target***….then you are not looking for a toy of any kind.

    Try Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Target, Costco, etc. for the toys — and archery stores for the bows/arrows.

    Oh, and the thing about “supporting hunting”? A person does NOT have to be a hunter to be an archer, and buying something from a sporting-goods store does NOT necessarily mean they “support hunting”. Last year I bought a knife and a pair of binoculars from Sportsman’s Warehouse (a store which is a veritable “hunter’s paradise”) — and I did not purchase them for hunting. I also purchased my longbow, which I muse for ***target archery***, at a “hunting store”.

    If you want they toys, go to a toy store — but if you want archery equipment…you have to go to a store which sells archery equipment, what you call a “hunting store”.

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