Where can I learn more about recurve archery?

April 14, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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4thtennenbaum asked:

I find bits and pieces online, but is there a special site or book that has info about target shooting? All the pieces online say mostly the same thing?

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What are the modern day equivalents of archery and horsemanship?

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  1. Bowtech says:

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    There are two major schools of thoughts, the pull and the push. Most Americans, and Asians pulls, while some western Europeans and most of eastern Europe push. What I’m talking about here is the part of your body you concentrate on. Pushers concentrate on the bow arm, while pullers concentrate on the draw arm to get the shot off. Reality is, either way you have to push and pull with the same amount of force, otherwise you’ll collapse. Just that, our minds can only do so much at a time and we have to pick a side to concentrate on.

    For book on both, there are several that I’d recommend for intermediate to elite level archers:
    Rick McKinney’s “A Simple Art of Winning” this is an old book but will still serve you well.
    Ki Sik Lee’s “Total Archery” the book had gone through several revisions, but a good source of exercises to help you shoot better.
    Vittorio Frangili’s “The Heretic Archer”, the bible of pushers. Very good section on bow tuning, very very good.

    For beginners, find books by Ruth Rowe

    Well you might be Canada’s champ, but ever heard of Victor Ruban? Olympic gold medal winner in Beijing, he’s a pusher. Michele Frangili, ever heard of him? World record holder in the 18m and 25m indoor, also one of the top shooters on earth, guess what? another pusher. It’s not for everyone, I’m a puller myself, but hey keep your mind open.

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    Look, I’vew been doing TARGET archery championships for about 3 years now, have placed second at the canadian nationals 2 years in a row in my category, and the only thing you do is pull. never push. thats for people who don’t know how to shoot. you’d look like a goof doing that in real life. And trust me, I KNOW how impossible it is to find information about archery online and in books, so listen very carefully.
    The only real solution is to get lessons. you will learn what you can’t find in books, and EVERYTHING you need to know. trust me. Just look around for any good teachers in your city and give it a shot.

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