Where can I buy archery equipment for cheap?

September 27, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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lunarlord3 asked:

I want to start learning archery. I already have someone willing ot teach me but I don't have the right supplies. I want to find a store or a website (preferably a store) where I can buy the equipment but not for a lot. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Why is it that archery is no more popular than it seems to be?

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    You might try or backpage.com if you want to buy from an individual. You can probably get the best prices on line from academy.com or the nearest Academy Sports and Outdoors store.

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    The best person to ask would be that person willing to teach you. He/she will know all the local shops. Depending on what type of archery you’re getting into I can suggest some websites
    , lancaster pa, you can find just about any archery gear there.
    , in the UK, mostly target gear
    , so cal, target gear specialist
    , traditional gear.

  3. Make Beer says:

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    “targetbutt” is right — ask the person who is going to teach you what would be best for you and where to find it (they had better know, since they will be the one doing the teaching).

    I looked at that “Amazon.com” page, and while there are some nice deals there (they’re actually average industry prices), I cannot suggest what would be best for you because a) I do not know you, and b) I do not know your actual needs. As for craigslist.com and other such sources…..before you settle on getting used equipment you really should handle it for yourself — or have someone who knows what to look for handle it for you.

    Be warned: A good-quality bow usually is not to be had “for cheap”. Good-quality arrows, matched both to the bow AND the person using the bow, are even harder to find “for cheap”. The good news is that for just learning the basics of archery you don’t need to have “Olympic quality” equipment.

  4. Bowtech

    Amazon has targets, bows, arrows, everything you’d need:

  5. Air Bed says:


    Ebay, craigslist and just a regular internet search will do. I don’t suggest Wal-Mart or Meijer as the stuff they sell will not work for serious archers. Pro shops are a good idea if you can find one around you. Good bows for beginners are the Mathews Genesis or the Browning Micro Midas is a good idea. If you plan on taking it a step farther a PSE , Martin or Hoyt is a good idea. Mathews are also good, but a little much for most budgets (around $1000) . Arrows are different depending on which bow you buy and what you plan on using it for. Ask the person that plans on teaching you for help. also, if you sign up for you can touch with serious archers for advice. There is also equipment for sale everyday.

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