What’s a good but inexpensive bow for someone new to bowhunting?

June 23, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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betterthanyou asked:

Preferably within the $100-$300 range...I decided I'm gonna take up bowhunting starting this season. Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “What’s a good but inexpensive bow for someone new to bowhunting?”
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    best thing I can tell you is to go to a bow shop and look at used bows find one that fells comfortable to you what I like you may not it is all how it fells to you and if price is the issue that is why I say look at a used bow I could tell you a bow that cost in your range but I would not recommend them

  2. Classic Cars says:

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    i ahve been bow hunting for years. i am going to tell you now that it can get real expensive real quick. im going to give you a lot of information but it is worth taking the time to read as most good bows nowadays are around 400 dollars. hoyt and matthews are my recommendations though for great bows.

    heres all the info you need to know to get started

    things you might want to consider though since you’re beginning. I’m going to give you a lot of information but i know form personal experience that if a person does not have the right equipment he or she probably wont do it again.

    go to a pro shop. they will help you determine your draw length. that means how far you draw the bow back with you non dominant arm out stretched with a slight bend in you’re elbow. the next thing you want to do is choose between a compound bow and a traditional re-curve bow. a re-curve is a solid piece of wood whereas a compound bow has two pulley mechanisms called cams at each end. since you’re starting out i recommend a compound bow because the draw weight can be adjusted where as a re-curve is just one weight. Draw weight is how many pounds it takes to pull the bow all the way back. 40 to 60 lbs should be good so you can get the hang of it starting. the higher the poundage the more exercise you will get. another thing to think about is the feet per second. the bow i have is about 7 years old and can only shoot around 280 feet per second. it qua the fastest one at the time it was made

    Now its time to determine the arrows either carbon or aluminum. aluminum is good in that it has more pounds of force but they can bend easily once they hit a hard thing like a tree or a backstop. Carbon on the other hand is stronger but lighter and faster. they can take a lot more punishment than an aluminum arrow. i shoot and hunt with carbon arrows because of those qualities. there are also fletchings to consider. fletchings are also called the feathers and are on the end of the arrow closest to toy. there are vanes or the solid ones. i shoot the solid ones because there is less friction with the air. once you have selected your arrows the pro shop will cut the arrows to fit you and put on the fletchings of your choice. they will also put on a field point tip also known as a target point.. make sure they have almost no edge when you feel them because that will make it easier to pull the arrow from the target

    now for the sights and other accessories. archery sights are going to be just pins. you don’t need to spend $150 a regular 30 to 60 dollar bow sight will do just fine. the next thing you need is an arrow rest. mine has two prongs. select the one you like. again you don’t need to spend over 100 dollars for a good rest. you might also want to buy a stabilizer or counterbalance. they are the same thing. what a counterbalance does is it helps keep your arm steady. the weaker you back muscle is the lighter the counter balance needs to be because it will make your arm drop and get tired faster. next there’s the quiver. this is where the arrows are held. there are three different types. there’s a bow quiver that goes directly onto your bow. there’s a backpack quiver. that one goes on your back. and then there’s the hip quiver. goes on you hip. again you don’t need to spend 100 dollars on a quiver either. if you can get these accessories in a package at around 100 dollars go for it. it will save you money compared to buying them separately. some bows even come with all this already on as part of a total package

    finally when you sight in your bow make sure there’s another person with you to help keep track of the arrows shot. shoot about 6 or 7 each time to figure out the general flight path of your arrows. move the entire sight to get it zoned in. that means get the arrows as close to the bulls eye as you can without moving the pins. then adjust the individual pins as needed. i recommend 10 yards for the top pin 20 for the middle and 30 for the bottom if you have a 3 pin sight. the faster the bow shoots the close the pins will be.

    if you chose when you get better and feel confident enough to hunt then you need to get anything the will reduce vibration because even if you cant hear the noise your target might. you also need to get broad heads too. there are two types. fixed and mechanical. its really personal preference from then on. mechanical fly closer to field points and therefore don’t need as much if any sight adjustment. fixed ones are generally stronger but need more sight adjustment to compensate for arrow trajectory.

    again i know this is a lot of information but it will help you make your decision to take up archery. hope this information helps.

    here are some sites that might help you with your research as to what bow and accessories you want to get

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    been shooting for years and i hunt too.

    you can also google your local pro shops. they can help you find all you need to get started

    send me a message if you want any more info. i will be glad to help you out

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    Check out the PSE Nova. A great bow at a great price!

  4. World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

    Go to the local pro shops see what they have on the used racks try out some of the new bows and see what you like.
    If you are in Michigan feel free to contact me I can give you locations of good pro shops and where to avoid….I can also direct you to several clubs where you can take lessons and or join leagues to get you into shape and up to speed rapidly.

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    why spend 400 bucks when 200-300 will work. Never bow hunted before this year. Bought cheap fred bear omni pro. Shoots like a dream, dropped one 2nd week. No lessons needed, if you know someone who bow hunts. Look for used bows, look in want ads. Alot of time you can find good bows at decent prices in the want ads

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