What type of bow should I buy?

May 23, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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I'm thirteen and only have about $200 to spend. My parents are still in the retro era and think everything will be cheap. I dont think that is enough money to get a decent bow. I was thinking about recurve because I think compound bows are cheating. I can get a $130 bow but those are the kind that camps use and they are not that powerful at all. I wanted one that I could use at a long distance and still be acurate and powerful. I really dont think I can get what I want with the money I have. If you know of any bows that I could get for that price, please tell me. If not, I can always get something that woud have alot more use such as a metal detector, crossbow, buy a whole bunch of clothes, a knife, paintball gun, etc... Thank you, best answer gets 10 points.

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What type of bow should I buy?

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    yeah why don’t you get a hunting license and buy a rubber bullet gun or something, it’s much easier to fire then a bow.

  2. Air Bed says:

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    Get a sword. Much more fun. Start here if you don’t know much about swords.

    If you really want a bow then get it, but you will need a strong pull.

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    I got my first bow at 12. I got a Parker… Its a grow with me bow so i will never out grow it… those run on the expensive side but completly worth it… So save up man…

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    there are some really nice ones at Cabella’s

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    It seems like you really just want a fun hobby with the money you have.
    I suggest a metal detector. But they can be expensive. To get the best value for your limited funds I suggest getting a treasure hunting magazine and looking in the personal ads for a good deal. Or looking in the local sunday paper for a deal. Or better yet find a store that specializes in these items and see if they have one for sale that is used. Also check out the pawn shops. They sometimes have these items. The reason I suggest a metal detector is because having a bow of any kind means a bit more money than you have. Remember it is not just the bow that costs. It’s arrows. And also a bow only really has one use. A metal detector is useful for more than just “treasure” hunting. Also you can use it on the beach to get coins. Parks also have lots of coins. Just be sure not to tear up the grass. Stream beds can contain findable nuggets. Have fun treasure hunting.

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