What type of bow should I buy?

May 24, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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I'm thirteen and only have about $200 to spend. My parents are still in the retro era and think everything will be cheap. I dont think that is enough money to get a decent bow. I was thinking about recurve because I think compound bows are cheating. I can get a $130 bow but those are the kind that camps use and they are not that powerful at all. I wanted one that I could use at a long distance and still be acurate and powerful. I really dont think I can get what I want with the money I have. If you know of any bows that I could get for that price, please tell me. If not, I can always get something that woud have alot more use such as a metal detector, crossbow, buy a whole bunch of clothes, a knife, paintball gun, etc... Thank you, best answer gets 10 points.

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  1. Video Games

    Look in trueswords.com

    they have almost every defence weapon, and some stuff there is CHEAP!!!
    And yes, they do carry bows.

    BELIEVE ME: there’s a lot of cool and cheap stuff!!!
    If you don’t believe me, they have a ten dollar sword. Its good for its price, and it’s called red sun ninja or something like that.

  2. Beauty Cosmetics

    Check out Craigslist.com or Backpage.com, and find a used bow. A recurve bow is nice, but it’s not “cheating” to use a compound. It takes a lot of skill to learn to shoot them well, too. Of course you can keep saving your money until you can find a bow that meets your requirements. Here are some recurve bows available at Cabela’s. Their prices are anywhere from $130 to over $500.

    Also, remember that after you get the bow, you’ll also need money for arrows and accessories. Good luck!

  3. Flea and Tick Medications

    In that range look at a PSE,Barnett,Browning. You must go to a bow shop for proper fit by knowledgable staff in order to get a good proper size bow with correct draw. You don’t have to buy it there but,use that info and buy one online if you want. One downside of online buying is that any bow shop will service their product and offer you a warranty.

  4. Car Auctions

    first off – bows of any kind are not long distance weapons. a 45lb bow at your draw length will kill a deer size animal. the best place to buy your first bow is at a garage sale or flea market. there are many nice bows out there that people have outgrown. due to your other interests of metal detector, knife, etc. my guess would be that you got 200. for your birthday and looking to spend it fast.

  5. Vintage Earrings

    I deer hunt and shoot comition ararchy w/ compound and recurve bows. If you are planing to use it for hunting then a compound bow is better b/c when you are at full draw waiting for that shoot at the buck, ypu will be able to hold a compound bow longer. besides you can agust their draw weight to fit you needs. as far as price about 300-400 will get you a good bow, PSE is a good bow to get.

  6. Classic Cars says:

    Car Auctions

    to be honest with you you are going to have a hard time finding a recurve bow in that price range at all. it is hard enough to find a decent compound for that price. plus a bow is only as accurate as its user. as far as the power, the further the target the slower the arrow will be on impact. same with a bullet paintball, or any other projectile.

    the only places i can think of are craigslist and ebay. make sure you go to a bow shop so you can get measured properly so you know what draw length you need to be looking for. this is especially hard because recurve bows are not adjustable

  7. Create a Resume

    get a used mathews …..compounds are not cheating

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