What type bow should I buy?

May 11, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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writerchick asked:

I am a 15 year old girl, approx. 100lbs 5'3" and I'm interested in starting archery. Just for fun right now, but I may want to start hunting later. I have a disc out in my lower back but most of the time it doesn't give me any trouble. I like the idea of an old fashioned long bow, but don't know if that would be right for me or where I could find one. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
Could you tell me where to find a good deal on one?

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Building a stick bow to hunt with?

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4 Responses to “What type bow should I buy?”
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    well i would get a 40-45 lbs longbow,,you will devlope your shootings skills,,,become more coonfient,,, then maybe move up in poundage as in a recurve or compond there are severl sight that offer custom longs and recurves ok

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    you have to be strong to be able to hunt with a longbow or recurve because there is no weight let off if you get a nice compound bow there will be a 65 to 80% let off which means you can hold it a lot longer if you plan to hunt later you should just get a hunting bow right away my suggestion is a matthews in my opinion they make the best bows around but hoytt and bowtech and pse bows are all good too

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    go to 3riversarchery and look at some of there bows. if u want a bow for a good price it would be the sage no tools takedown its around 120 dollars for the bow but they just made a deal as for bow kits and they come with ever thing except arrows for 180 dollars but for a starter bow i recommend about 40-45 pound draw weight or maybe 35 pounds

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    i would say if you want to ever get into hunting, then i would go with a compound bow(one with wheels). a recurve/lonbow is much harder and more difficult hands down. there is a thing called letoff in compound bows that is amazing. once you pull bvack past the lets say 40 pound mark and draw fully back… then the poundage lets off. so that once you are at full draw you would only be holding back around 15 pounds. you will find youre accuracy improves and that you will be able to shoot for longer time periods and you will be more accuarate with a compound.

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