What size string should I use for a colt recurve bow 707-62″?

March 25, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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derekm617 asked:

I'm trying to find out what size string I need for my Colt 707-62" recurve bow. I've had it for a while, but haven't been able to figure out what size string I need. Any help?


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    The best thing to do if you have the old string is to measure that string. Otherwise you have to rely on the rule of thumb for recurves. That’s the bow length, in this case 62″, minus 3″ so a 59″ string. However due to bow designs, that can vary by as much as 1/2″

  2. Vintage Cars says:

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    What is the “AMO”** length of the bow… If there is an “AMO” length, it should be written somewhere on the bow, usually on the side or the belly (it faces you as you use the bow) below the grip. An example would be “AMO 62 inch”.

    Whatever the “AMO” length of the bow, that is the “AMO” string length needed (if your bow has an AMO length of 62″, you need an AMO 62″ string).

    **”AMO” is “Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization”, the organization which sets the standards for the Archery Industry.
    AMO Bow Length Standard is designated to be three inches longer than AMO Bow String Master that braces bow at proper String or Brace Height. Bow String Master will carry only the bow length designation.
    Example: A Bow String Master designated as AMO 66” (bow length) will have an actual length under tension of 63”.”

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