What should I start hunting as a beginner?

July 5, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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fire asked:

Okay I'm 14 and my dad and I are going to start hunting. My dad has little expirience with hunting and doesnt know what guns we should start off with and what we should start hunting. I have almost no expirence with hunting but guns I have expirence. I have had bb and pellet guns from when I was 5 until now. I have shot a 9mm, .357 mag, 410 shotgun, and a .22lr. What guns should we get and what should we start off hunting?

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What are the advantages of hunting on the 1st day of the hunting season?

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    You need to decide WHAT you are going to hunt before you can select the firearm…because your game will determine your range of guns/calibers that are suitable for the particular purpose. At 14 you are old enough to handle most any gun so long as you have an experience adult to guide you and train you. Decide what you want to hunt, then look at the guns that are good for that…if its possible contact some friends you know who may already own some of these guns so you could try them…after buying, go a range and make sure you are completely familiar with your particular gun’s operation and characteristics and make sure you can shoot it well, and if not keep practicing…then you will be ready…good luck!

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    singleshot 20 gauge shotgun it has good knock down power not to expensive to shoot plus shot dont travel far like a rifle i hunt deer and squrriel is good training i hunt white tailwith 20 gauge or go to sporting store get a gun u can change barrels on they are little more but u get to guns

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    If I was starting out I would buy a Marlin 60 .22 rifle, it is around $150 at Wal Mart. This is good for squirrels or just target practice. I would also buy the Maverick 88 12 ga pump shotgun, it is made by Mossberg and you can get it for around $180 at Wal Mart. These two guns are inexpensive but give you good value for the money. As far as hunting, what do you want to eat? Don’t kill it unless you are going to eat it.

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    i started with a .22 and a 12gauge shotgun, 12 gauge shells where i come from are cheaper and better anyway lol the 12gauge shotgun is good for just about anything and if the barrel isnt choked u can use the solid slug round wich will take down with power :P a .22 is good for birds rabbit, hares or anything small. hunting with a pistol wouldnt be too practical other than for self defence of attack of what ever,for big game use something around the 3′ eg 303, 30-30 ,308
    and if u wanted to mow down heaps or stuff go with a assault riffle.
    and for the aww dont kill, go away with ur lack of understanding

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    it depends on what you wanna hunt.
    and what kinda gun you wanna use.

    do you wanna use a shotgun or a rifle? there are MANY options out there, but before you even set foot out in the woods, you NEED to take a hunter saftey course

    just google: ‘your state’ hunter saftey course

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    Start with a .22 rifle………….

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    get a 22 for squirrel and a 20ga 870 for rabbit and deer wait til your old eought to carry handguns just practice with dad meanwhile get your hunters safety course ceritfication

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    Get a .270 and go deer hunting this coming up season.

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    Squirrels, snakes, varmints in season. All can be taken with the .22 long rifle.

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    where do you live? what game is in your area? i dont want to tell you to go hunt prairie dogs if you live in the bayous of louisiana. some info please!

    as for what gun, it really depends on where you live and what game your’re after. i would advise a marlin 60 or some similiar .22lr, if not for hunting than at least to learn basic marksmanship

  12. Bowtech says:

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    I am a Certified Alaskan Hunter Safety Instructor.

    It all depends on what state you live in………. you need to add this information to your question.

    There is allot more to hunting than guns and shooting. You need to have a hunting license, know what seasons are open, know what a legal animal looks like, what a protected animal looks like, find land that you can legally hunt on, be knowledgable about safety – and – what to do with the animal after you harvest it. No sense killing something you have no clue how to properly care for after shooting. You need to know how to clean it, store it, and cook it.

    There is nothing more frustrating than spending a day in the woods and seeing nothing………… other than spending a whole day in the woods, seeing only one good game animal, and missing the shot.

    The two things you need to concentrate on – finding game, and, being a decent marksman. Most folks practice their shooting skills when hunting season is closed……… but do not practice their finding game skills until the season is open. Waiting for the season to open to start looking for animals can waste valuable time. For this reasone – I highly recommend you and your dad go out with a digital camera when the season is closed – learn where the animals are – and hunt them with a camera. You will gain valuable knowledge and insight doing this in the spring and summer – it will be a huge help when fall comes around.

    Hope this helps

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