what should i do about rust on my compound bow?

May 12, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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hunter41 asked:

i have had it for about two years and i bought from a friend but i have noticed some rust on the screws that hold it together? i don't know what to do!

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3 Responses to “what should i do about rust on my compound bow?”
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    A little wire brush or sandpaper.

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    topgun tony is right but put some gun oil on the rust before you take the wire brush to it

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    If it’s only a little surface rust you’re okay. Just back the tension screws out as far as safe (see owner’s manual), then put a few drops of Break-Free CLP on the threads and let it penetrate into the riser bracket. CLP is one of the best rust inhibitors out there. Screw the tension bolts back in to your desired draw weight, wipe off the excess CLP, maybe scrub off any oxidation that doesn’t come off with a rag and CLP, and you’re good to go.

    If you have rust in the recesses of a knurled knob or inside the head of a hex head slot, you can also try an old toothbrush and ceramic cook top (stove) cleaner. A wire brush usually won’t get into those recesses without making a scratched up mess, while the cook top cleaner (or even white toothpaste) with a toothbrush usually will.

    If it’s a lot of rust, you might want to have to bow serviced at a pro shop. They can unstring the bow, clean the rust out of the brackets or replace them if dangerously rusted, and put on a fresh string (not a bad idea to replace every few years anyway). Unless you have a bow press, this is something you need a shop to do.

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