What on Earth did I see?

May 18, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Randi M asked:

My boyfriend, Andrew, our friend, Sheldon, and I went bowhunting last night. I sat in a tree stand about 1/2 a mile away from Drew. About sunset, Drew let me know that there was a buck headed in my direction, but the way I was sitting in my stand, I couldn't turn towards the trail to shoot, so I climbed down out of my stand and stood against the tree and waited...and waited...and waited...never saw the buck. When it was too dark to shoot, I climbed back up and undid my tree stand, took out the pegs, packed everything up, put my backpack on my stand. I was a little creeped out. It was dark, and there was a half moon. Silly me, I started thinking about ghosts and creepy things walking around in the woods. And then I told myself there was no such thing as ghosts or spirits (I've never believed in them...until last night). I swung my stand on, but I couldn't get one of the shoulder straps to fit comfortably, so I took it back off to readjust the backpack. There was suddenly a dim light shining on me and I turned and was surprised to see whom I thought was Andrew or Sheldon about twenty feet away, coming around the curve in the trail with his headlamp on. I turned back to what I was doing and the light went out. I turned around again to ask if he'd turn the light back on so I could see what I was doing. No one there. As in NOBODY standing there, nobody walking past me...nothing. He would have had to walk RIGHT past me to continue down the trail. The moon was out enought that I could see the trail perfectly, and...aside from myself, there was NO ONE on it. I swung my stand back on, and started walking slowly up the trail. I said, "Andrew? Andrew..." and got no answer. I randomly thought how loud my feet sounded, crunching on the leaves, and then realized that when the light had shone on me, I hadn't heard anyone walking. With all the leaves on the ground, you could hear a person approaching from 60, 70 feet away. The light had been 20 feet from me and I hadn't heard a thing. If they'd walked off the trail down in the draw (which would have been a stupid move on their part bc it was a ten foot drop straight down), they would've made even more noise than on the trail. I hadn't heard ANYTHING. And still, I couldn't quite believe it. I walked slowly up the trail, calling Sheldon's and Andrew's names once or twice, telling them this wasn't funny, peeking around every tree, expecting Andrew or Sheldon to jump out and try to scare me. And it never happened. I didn't become genuinely scared until I stopped where the trail meets the road and looked down to where my stand had been, with the moon shining bright as a spotlight on the trail, my tree, the field beside it. And realized that if there HAD been someone wearing that headlamp, I would have seen them under it, what with all the moonlight shining all over the place. I ran back to the car as fast as my little legs would carry me. My suspicions were confirmed when Andrew came walking towards me across the parking lot with his green headlamp on. The moon was blocked by the trees, but I had heard him approaching from at least fifty feet away, and when he stepped out onto the parking lot, even in the dark, I could see his outline against the trees.
And STILL I just couldn't believe it. I asked Sheldon if he'd walked down the trail twenty minutes earlier, but he'd been a mile away, packing up his stuff. He also didn't have his white headlamp with him but even if he had, it's just like mine, an LED light, and much too harsh to be the soft light that approached me in the woods. He had a flashlight, but it was really bright, and the light I saw had been fairly dim. Andrew doesn't even have a white headlamp. It's green (because for some reason, deer can't see green light).
I finally accepted the fact that I had seen something I could not explain. Needless to say, it creeped me the fuck out. I asked Andrew about it, and he told me that this actually happens to a lot of people hunting in the woods. We live in southern Missouri, down in the Ozarks, and I do know that this is where my ancestors, Osage Indians, lived. (My great-grandma Turner is 3/4 Osage Indian). Drew told me that he's come to accept the fact that the Indians were onto something in the belief that there are spirits living in everything.
So...any ideas?

I'm sorry it's so long, I just wanted to get EVERYTHING in there...
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  1. Garden Ponds Supply

    I do believe it was a spirit/ghost bcoz in my culture ( I am North African btw…from Algeria), we don’t allow kids to play in the woods after the sun starts coming down. when I asked my grandparents, they said spirits come out and wander without a purpose until the sun rises the next day……….and in my culture, forests are haunted and it is an accepted concept in Africa………..I hope I helped…lol

  2. My Tinnitus Cure

    well all i can say 2 u is how dare u kill animals and u deserved to be scared

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