What methods of hunting Cottontail rabbits would be suggested to a completely new hunter?

June 24, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Snirvle Knog asked:

I would think I would like to use a combination of methods. Id like to learn more about tracking, trapping and other types of non-firearm hunting; As well as methods of which firearm is best used to not destroy the meat. Any links or tips would be greatly appreciated, the local F&G was no help and im in the desert boondocks so it will be a while till i can go into the local hunting outfit. Thanks ahead to Stan A!

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How can I find hunting land local to my house?

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4 Responses to “What methods of hunting Cottontail rabbits would be suggested to a completely new hunter?”
  1. Air Bed says:

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    the best traps ( for me anyway) are dead fall traps, google it. the best guns to use are a .17 hmr, ruger 10/22 and a 20 ga shotgun whith number 9-8 birdshot. that is all you need for rabbit hunting.

  2. Air Bed

    use a snare…
    look for droppings
    rabbits like cats like to poop in the same places they also poop while eating, so for those kinds of plants they’ve been feeding on too

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    i use home made box traps with hail Screen on the top and a 22 short always get more then i can eat

  4. Ear Ringing says:

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    Snares. You simply buy some wire (it has to be smooth enough and limber enough to bend as well) and make a “noose”. You then hang this in an area where rabbits seem to be traveling. Your trapper skills will have to work this out. Generally, you find a low hanging dead branch over the rabbit’s “trail” and hang the snare from this branch. As the rabbit runs it will get caught in this snare and will likely strangle. If not, you must dispatch it with a bonk on the head, or stomp on him (this sounds morbid, but trappers do this, believe me).

    Like another person said, you can also use deadfall type traps, but they have to use a rock large enough to kill the rabbit as well.

    To learn this: I would pick up a good outdoor survival manual such as that for the US Army or SAS. There should be info on this. Or search for books on trapping on Amazon.com.

    Also, you can learn much from “Man vs. Wild” on the Discovery Channel. Ber Grilles uses similar techniques all the time.

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