What kind of target archery sight should I buy?

April 25, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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bassfisher1312 asked:

I'm looking at Sure-Loc and Axcel, but I have know idea which one to get. i'm competing alot and I need advice.

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3 Responses to “What kind of target archery sight should I buy?”
  1. Baby Supplies

    Can’t really go wrong with a sureloc, also have a look at shibuya.

  2. Car Auctions says:

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    I don’t use sights myself, so I really don’t have an opinion as to which one is the “best” one…

    Use whichever sight you like best. You don’t “have to” go with what is the most popular.

  3. Car Auctions

    surloc is a good name you can also check out a sight called Checkit (it’s designed like sureloc and not as expensive.

    Also check out this site to see if they have any in the classified ads that may work well for you.

    I would go to a pro shop and see if they will allow you to try the different sights to see which one works best for you. I know that the pro shop I frequest they will set up what ever you want to try (they want to make the sale).

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