What kind of scents can I use?

June 2, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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BiG H asked:

I'm going on a archery deer hunt in AZ for coues and muley I want to know if there are any good scents I could use so they will come in more with out getting spooky


Which bow is a good starters target bow?

  • Winsor Pilates


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  1. Caffeinated Content

    more important than any scent is making sure you and your equipment is totally scent-free. If you want a cover scent I would recommend sage or cedar depending on where in AZ you are hunting. Coues are after all just small whitetail so any scent for whitetail may work also. In my experience, mulies don’t come to attractant scents nearly as well as whitetails. But they are not as wary either. Ask a local or your outfitter.

    Good luck; wish I was going along

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