What kind of Bowhunting quiver should I get?

December 23, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Blake asked:

p.s. anyone know of any cheap(er) rangefinders that can be used for archery, places that sell them or brands/ models.
I was looking at quivers for my new mathews outback, and I was told that if I was to get a quiver to definitely go with the Kwikee Kwivers, because they are the best on the market and cheap. I was going 100% with this idea, until i came onto a deal for the quiver that I was looking at previously the Alpine Soft-loc quiver. Please tell me anything that you like/ dislike about these and if you have any other quivers that you use/ like. All the information possible!!!





Both of the quivers do and will be detached

Gloves, Tabs and Release Aids

just got into bowhunting and need help getting started?

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  1. Bear Recurve Bow

    No they slow your Bow down when you use Kwikee Quiver attached to the limbs of your Bow.* I prefer the hip quiver for that reason.*

  2. Bowhunting says:

    PSE Thunderbolt

    Here’s the deal- It is much better to remove your quiver when you are in your deer stand and when you practice shooting. The Kwickee Kwivers can be slid out of the mounting brackets in seconds. The alpine Quiver mounts on your bow and will require a screwdriver to remove. For this reason alone, the alpine quiver would be rejected by me.Plus every part on the Kwickee is stocked on the shelf at Academy sporting goods and other places, plus can be ordered. For instance I bought a spare mounting bracket for my Kwickee and mounted it on my climbing tree stand. That way when I climb the tree the arrows go up with me.Once up the tree they are right at my finger tips if needed. And the old problem of dropping my entire supply of arrows out of my stand is eliminated. For the first 20 years of my bowhunting I used a lot of Quivers. I simply refused to believe the Kwickee Kwiver with it’s cheap price could be any thing but a cheap product.Finally on a 2 week bowhunting-camping trip my quiver broke on me. I went to the closest town and they did not have the high dollar quiver I had been using and had the Kwickee there. So I decided to get it and use it for the 2 weeks and when I got home to purchase the high dollar one. I was never so surprised in my life. I fell in love with the Kwickee and have never used nothing else since. You really need to get the Kwickee. Any one that puts them down has never had one. Good luck on your hunting season.

  3. Bow Cases says:

    Vintage Archery

    First of all these quivers do not attach to your limbs. Selway archery does make a quiver that attaches to the limbs on a re-curve but i don’t know of any companies that produce an item like this for a compound bow. And both of these quivers detach from the bow. I don’t know of any quiver produced today that is a permanent mount. They are all quick detach. Kwikee quivers make a great product. I used one for years. However I don’t now. I use carbon arrows and I have found that they do not fit snugly enough in the kwikee and they rattle. The kwikee i used was an older one so maybe kwikee has fixed this problem. I have never owned an Alpine quiver but have noticed that they have become very popular. I see them on allot of bows and noticed that my local archery shops carry many of them and also replacement parts. I personally went with the apex nano quiver for my 2009 Matthews DXT. It is very compact and holds 5 arrows.

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