What kind of arrows should I buy for my compound bow?

May 16, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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George asked:

Which brand is good and what types do you use for deer, bear and just target shooting? I hope some are a fair price.

Thank You

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how to change draw length on a bear whitetail compound bow? I want to make it shorter?

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    Try this website they have all the info you will ever need.

    I personal use carbon express.

  2. Bowtech says:

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    I have found that brand is not really relevant but get the same brand as your bow if you can. An archery shop can give some good ideas. I do know that fiberglass and wood do not mix with compound bows, as they will shatter. Carbon fiber shafts are a little pricey, but are pretty hard to break. You can use a field tip for target shooting, but must use a broad-head for hunting. It is up to you to choose your favorite kind, and I’m afraid I can’t give any suggestions because I don’t hunt with a bow, but I do target shoot.

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    Beman arrow have never failed me at the range or in the woods , they are great but that’s just my opinion . good luck

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    If money is your main concern. aluminum will work just fine. however. if you practice a lot you will blow through a dozen aluminums pretty fast. i`ve used carbon arrows going on 3 years. They won`t bend like aluminum are tougher. Hope this helps.

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    Here are some good brands

    For Carbon arrows
    Gold Tip
    Carbon Express
    Carbon Tech


    Aluminum arrow shafts start at about $3 to $8 per shaft, while carbon shaft start from $6 all the way to $30 per shaft.

    Stay away from wood and fiberglass, they will shatter on you and hurt you.

  6. Classic Cars says:

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    You haven’t given us enough info here.
    Get some advice.
    Your arrow must be matched to your draw length,
    and the pull weight of your bow for accuracy.
    Your bow and rest must be ‘tuned’ to your arrows.
    Most hunters prefer carbon fiber or aluminum shafts.
    (If you hunt with carbon fiber, you must be careful that
    no fiber from a splintered arrow is eaten.)
    Beeman and Eastman are good makers.

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    I use Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 5575 weight tol. +/- 2 grains straightness +/- 0.006.

    They are awsome, I use them for target practice, shot them for about a year now and there has been no problems just the occasional feather breaking, they were $45 a half dozen.

    Here is a link to a place you can get them for cheaper then I payed…..

  8. Ear Ringing says:

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    I believe that the best thing for you to do is go to an archery shop with your bow, and they will check out the draw weight, and the draw length, which is what you have to know before any arrows can be purchased. Your best buy will be the higher priced carbon arrows, as they do not bend or get dinged up like the aluminum arrows will.Therefore they last you much longer- these will run you from $69 dollars to $129 a dozen, but some are even higher , and some are cheaper, but stay away from these- the cheaper ones are not straight enough and the higher dollar ones are too costly for the average bow hunter. You will use the same arrow for deer , bear, and target shooting. Some good ones are the carbon express, the gold tips, the easton epics and the easton axis and the beman brand- there are others but these are the ones that I am most familiar with Good luck with your bow shooting!

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