What is your view on crossbows? At least in archery season?

May 26, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Matt M asked:

Hi, I'm 18, and I have been a bow hunter for 5 years now. I have always used a compound longbow, and was never a fan of a crossbow. I think that a crossbow is more of a rifle than a bow (of course it shoots and arrow and does not use a bullet) but I can't stand the thought of someone sitting aiming a mounted arrow and calling that 'bowhunting'. Bowhunting is about having enough skill to blend with the enviornment but still draw back a bow and have enough talent to aim correctly. I don't think crossbows should be allowed to people unless they are under the age of 15 or unless the person using it is incapable of using a compound bow. I'm justin wondering... does anyone else feel the same way I do about crossbows and bowhunting, or am I just being stubborn? Thanks... all comments are welcome.
No, my bow is a Mathews Drenalin LD, and I use Rage 2 blade expandable broadheads. lol

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5 Responses to “What is your view on crossbows? At least in archery season?”
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    I agree 100%. I am not a bow hunter, but I just don’t see where using a crossbow is in any way, shape or form, the same as true archery hunting. I really don’t know why so many states have legalized its use for hunting purposes.

    Also, I AM a black powder hunter. And, another thing that annoys me is how the various state game commissions have allowed in-line muzzle loaders to be used during the traditional muzzle loader season. It’s one thing to load a patched roundball into a sidelock and use buckhorn sights to MAYBE kill a deer out to 100 yards (more like 75 yards as a max). But, with the saboted jacketed bullets and 3-9x variable power scopes, it just takes away from what I feel was originally intended.

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    So you’re using arrowheads made made from flint and a long bow made from a tree? If that’s the case, you’re weak. I use a spear and wear a loin cloth.

  3. Classic Car says:

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    I have mixed feeling about their use during bow season. I’m totally with you on the physical incapacitation part, and possibly age limits; here in Mich they just made it where anyone over 50 can use one during archery season with a 350 fps max.

    You nailed the cons pretty well. They do detract a lot from the intent of bow season, they remove a lot of the need for stealth since they are already drawn when you’re hunting, and would seem to be a lot more steady to aim with.

    Some pros and neutrals are their use will inspire some people to take up bowhunting that might not have previously, albeit in a slightly bastardized way. From anything I hear any range comparisons between a crossbow and a good compound bow tend to be grossly exaggerated. Also without a winch their heavy draw weight can be a deterrent for some people, and while I’ve never shot a crossbow I’ve handled a few in the store out of curiosity and most of the budget and mid-priced ones were terribly front-heavy, which can take away some advantage.

    My personal opinion is have a special crossbow season, put it later on during normal bow season when there’s fewer people out anyway. This way those who wish to crossbow hunt still can outside of rifle season, and regular bowhunters still have first chance and a longer season. Disabled and physically impaired hunters being exempt of course. This seems like a good happy medium that most people could deal with

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    I don’t see how using a crossbow is any different from using any other kind of bow. You still have to get within 30-40 yards to be able to kill a deer which means you still have the same issues about “blending into the environment”. As far as I’m concerned, crossbows are just another way to make bow-hunting more accessible to more hunters. And given the over-population of whitetail deer in most American states, making bow-hunting easier and more accessible is a good thing.

    There is also the little matter about how I think those people who complain about how state DNRs are letting people use crossbows for bow-hunting are elitist jerks who just can’t bear the thought of someone using a 3000 year old piece of technology to make bow-hunting easier for the rest of us who don’t have the ample free time to incessantly practice with a stick, but then I kinda doubt you want to hear that… Then again those same sorts of elitist sentiments were voiced when compound bows were developed and first used during bow-hunting seasons, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    And with that, let the thumbs down commence.

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    The only benefit to using a crossbow is that you can shoulder it and aim it like a rifle. Aside from this, a crossbow is virtually identical in performance to most modern compound bows. both shoot anywhere from approximately 280-350 fps. both require the animal to be withing 30 or so yards.

    I work in a sports retail shop and have very much experience with bow hunters. It is almost a daily occurance that an older gentleman will come in and have me tune down their compound bow. As the body agest it loses the ability to draw back and hold 70 pounds of weight. Crossbows allow hunters to partake in archery that otherwise wouldnt have the upper body strength to do so.

    There is no REAL reason why crossbows shouldnt be permitted during archery season. Aside from the fact that there are a lot of snotty compound shooters who don’t believe they’re “traditional”. Which is just ironic when it comes from someone that isn’t shooting a homemade long bow..

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