What is there to hunt in Dubai? UAE ?

May 31, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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xbauer39 asked:

What is there to archery hunt in Dubai???? UAE

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Why does different hunting websites/stores have different draw weight ranges for the same bow?

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  1. Kansieo.com says:

    Create a video blog

    you can get more and accutate info from:

    and also, u can visit:
    -bastakiya village
    -sheikh maktoum house near shindaga tunnel
    -dubai museum
    -jumeirah mosque
    -burj al arab hotel
    -burj dubai / dubai mall
    -mall of emirates
    -ibn battuta mall
    -madinat jumeirah
    -mina al salam
    -atlantis – the palm jumeirah
    -JBR walk

  2. Create a video blog…instantly.

    There is nothing mentionable.You can hunt places of interest like Desert,Ocean,Mountains,biggest tower,Burj Al Dubai,Shopping Malls and many more.Hunting in terms of killing deer etc,is not there I ithink.

  3. Kansieo.com says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    check the links in specialy the one with Dubai and info tabs

  4. Kansieo.com



  5. Kansieo.com

    There are loads of camels roaming around on the outskirts of the city. They are like rats there. They typically live near the sides of the desert roads and often eat out of the dumpsters. I am sure no one will mind if you want to hunt some of them, although it may not be that challenging for you.

  6. Create a video blog…instantly.

    some of these answers just shows that some people still live in a fantasy fairytale world. First who goes around now with an arrow and bow trying to hunt game now , in the 21st century. Half of the desert animals have become extinct due to over hunting and poaching. There are now international treaties to protect these animals and this country is no exception. There are several areas in UAE where any kind of hunting is forbidden by law. Violators will either be subject to heavy fine or end up in jail.
    So you’d better check where can you hunt where you can not do so. If you can , it will basically be desert foxes, some larger birds, and rabbits. Any thing else (such as deer) is protected. May be if you can get a falcon (instead on an bow) you can hunt Habaras as well.
    People now only take archery as a sport for Olympic & martial arts competitions and such. Its not intended so one can go around as if they were William Tell or some thing. And what is there to shoot in the city, stray cats?

    commenting on “Jimmmmm..”
    Camels don’t eat from dumpsters, their favorite food is Ghaff leafs (willow) , and if he hits a camel it just won’t die from a single arrow, and instead the camel will chase the “archer” and stomp on him until it kills him. (you didn’t know it , now you know camels can even remember faces even after a while it will take its revenge)
    Not to mention the owner of the camel would demand compensation because each animal costs more than a new car.
    Plus its illegal to do so (hunting camels) any way. Who ever heard of hunting camels … this is real life not a cartoon episode. He could end up in real trouble if he did that.

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