What is the best compound bow for a serious pro level Hunter?

May 31, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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ty r asked:

I am Looking for a good Compound bow max price of about 500 $

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What is the best broadhead for the money for Whitetail Deer Hunting? (Compound Bow)?

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5 Responses to “What is the best compound bow for a serious pro level Hunter?”
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    You need to find that out for yourself. Visit a good archery shop, that has more then one type of bows.
    Most allow you to shoot and fell the bows.

    I shoot a Mathews,,,,Excellent warranty. LIFE TIME
    PSE it is ok, but I have broke a limb on it, took 8 weeks.
    Mathews, a friend busted his, 5 days. Shipped and returned, no questions asked. GREAT TECH SUPPORT AND WARRANTY.

    It is all what you like shooting, and what likes you shooting it.
    You can notice different draw cycles, when you release is it smooth…Loud.

    Find a good archery store ;)

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    Like the last best bow question, the answer will vary from shooter to shooter. I like my Jennings Extreme as does my brother, but we shoot every day with them. The bow of your dreams is the one you shoot consistently and accurately with ease. You will pick up a Browning, Mathews, PSE, Jennings, etc and it will feel perfect in your hands. When you shoot it, you’ll feel the rhythm strum through your body and you will just know “this is it.” It takes some sampling before you find it, but when I picked mine up I just knew it was the bow for me.

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    You know, each individual is unique. The finest bow in the world may not suit one person because there is something that he just doesn’t like about it. And one of the cheaper bows on the market may fit you perfectly, and you can hit with it like magic. Go to a good archery shop and let them show you what they have and shoot some bows. This is the best way to do it. The top sellers on the market are the Hoyt, the Bow-Tech, and the Matthews. I have the Matthews and the Hoyt, and was going to get the Bow-Tech this year, but due to the hurricane almost wiping me out, house damage, camper trailer damage, houseboat damage, I wont get one this year. But these 3 bows are the ones I like, but I’m a bow fanatic.These bows are fantastic- fast, accurate, quite, no hand shock, no viberation, a pleasure to shoot. But the top of the line models are a little pricey,. and you can still kill a deer with any bow on the market.Your price range will get you a bow ( last years model, or the year before) that will be just as good as this years model, and still be a great bow. Good luck!

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    well if your pro level then you should know your gonna need more money you could probly get a mathews classic for $500 then you have $100+ for sights $100+ for a dozen arrows $80 for a release $ 20 to 100+ for a quiver $20 to 75 for a case

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    A good mid range compound bow is the Browning F5 Tornado Bow ($350) – great for tight hunting situations, has the Ignitor 6 HP cam system, a precision machined aluminum riser, 450 Plus cables and Dynaflite 97 string. it is “forgiving to shoot” and the ergonomic grip make it comfortable to shoot /hold. The 6″ of draw length adjustment is great for growing archers. The Reflex Excursion Compound Bow ($379) is offered by Reflex archery. it has lightweight magnesium TEC riser design, the new and improved cam system, and the accurate shooting. The PSE Firestorm Lite Bow with Arrows ($429) is another top rated compound bow from the well respected PSE Archery manufacturer. The Firestorm from PSE has a short axle to axle design which makes it another excellent choice for tight quarters. You also get the NRG Hybrid Performance Cams and you can launch arrows up to 300 fps (feet per second). Martin Archery has been producing fine bows for years and we really like the Martin Archery Jaguar Mossy Dyna ($349.99) – a lightweight, perfectly balanced bow that features the Dyna Single Cam system for great shot accuracy and consistency. . Lastly, the Fred Bear Instinct Bow for under $400 is worth mentioning.

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