What is Pennys Foremost?

May 29, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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CRASH asked:

I just picked up a recurve bow at the pawnshop, and it said pennys foremost on the limb. I can't find anything out about it. How old is it and how much might it be worth?

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2 Responses to “What is Pennys Foremost?”
  1. Ear Ringing says:

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    So you picked up a bow sold by the JC Penny store!
    And they sold sporting goods such as bows years ago, possibly years before you were born!
    It was manufactured by another company, JC Penny only sold the items.

    I would look at the bow to see if I could find a manufacture name, bow model name or model number, serial number even. And then find out if it is still in business or if another business bought name and goods.

    I have no idea of the value.
    But the value of this “store brand”could possibly be quite high depending if it was made by a company making high quality items and of course is in good shape!

  2. Sporting Goods Archery

    Foremost was JC Pennys store brand in the 1960s. They sold a lot of things under the Foremost name: clothes, shoes, tools, bowling balls, and even guns and bows. The products were typically well-made lower cost goods from major manufacturers. You would probably have to find a catalog from the 1960s to identify the maker.

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