What hunting season are open over the summer?

June 17, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Last night I came out to the living room and my brother was watching hunting on the outdoors channel. And he started talking to me about how he would like to take a week long trip and go hunting. So, me and him started talking and now we are planning on taking that trip over the summer and he is going to try and get me into hunting. I really don't know a lot about it but he told me to see what seansons were open and to tell him what I wanted to do. So I need to figure out what we can hunt over the summer. Thanx!

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    Laws vary from state to state. Get a copy of your states hunting regulations or check out your state’s DNR web site. Many states allow hog and varmint hunting year round. You may not have hogs, but most every state has coyotes and crows. Check your states regs and have fun.

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    The earliest hunting season in the US is in Alaska. This is the only place I know of for August hunting of game other than varmints.

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    no idea where you are but all i can think of in PA are crows (on sundays) dove season usually starts sept 1st. Big game starts in october for archery, bear season the monday before thanksgiving and rifled deer season the monday after thanksgiving.

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    Dude take a week and go to South Dakota or Montana or one of the others states close by. Do some Prairie Dog shooting. That is some high volume fast paced hunting fun there.

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    In Ohio, coyotes are open year round, and are a challenge to get.

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    the closest thing is dove season r u can go ferrill hog hunting but i would not recomend eating a hog killed that time of year

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