what do i want for my birthday/what should i get?

March 27, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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bradwil093 asked:

im 16 i dont drink smoke dip or any of tht so all those are out i love knifes but i just got new ones and i dont want anymore i have rifles so i dont need any guns or anything i like all the cool stuff like electronics and thigs i have an ipod already i have a 360 and do not desire anouther game system i cnt have a new four wheeler or compound bow what should i get ?????

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what kind of charges can be brought agenst?

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  1. Vintage Cars says:

    Sporting Goods

    Get a job that way you will appreciate what you have even more. I am not saying that you don’t but your parents have worked hard to give you what you already have. Maybe you could ask for a hug. That is a gift that last forever and there is an endless supply of them. No really sounds like you are pretty much set. Ask for tickets to a concert, movie or sporting event. If that does not work ask for a beater car you are 16 after all and are getting a drivers license soon.

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