What do I need to begin Turkey Hunting?

May 20, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Meeee213 asked:

Im 16 years old and super super excited to try spring turkey hunting this year. I have a firearm license but dont yet have my bowhunting license. I have a rather nice 60lb bow that my brother gave me. I'm really excited to try turkey hunting with my bow (After i get my license ofcourse). What are the basic things i need to begin bow hunting turkey? I have plenty of Camo since i do hunt small game alot. Season opens tomorrow here in Connecitcut :D !

Also, i have a Gamo Whisper 1200 FPS .177 air rifle. Is that enough to kill a turkey with a headshot if not stun it long enough for me to finish the animal off with a large knife or something? (Sounds crazy, i know) i dont exactly plan on using my air rifle considering that it is rather uncertain and inhumain. Thanks guys and happy hunting!
Yeah i don't know how people can ever hunt a turkey with a bow. Theres so much movement involved in taking a shot. Altho i remember once when i was younger, my brother and i stalked a turkey for 30 minutes, he had a 2x4 board and i had a shovel and i was seriously 3 ft away from it when i jumped out and tried to hit it with my shovel... haha it flew away. Good times tho and thanks for all the answers :D !

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4 Responses to “What do I need to begin Turkey Hunting?”
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    Can’t use an air rifle for turkey.

    This is my equipment set up…

    12 gauge 11-87 (camoflauged), real tree long sleave shirt, pants, ball cap, face net, and gloves. Leather or Camo hiking boots. Foot blind (real tree) and camo burlap cloth (to break up my sillouhette). Slate call and two strikers. Challenge calls (crow and gobbler). Fanny pack (real tree camo). Paded seat for my back and hard framed seat with woven nylon web to sit on. Flash light, bug spray, shotgun shells and turkey choke.

    I wear a couple shirts or a vest under my camo to keep me warm because we get frost regularly when hunting turkey in Iowa.

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    I have taken turkey with a head shot from my air rifle.

    Make sure that you know the exact pellet placement at the ranges you expect to be shooting. It is a small target. Due to the arc of the shot shot your gun may be low at 20 yards, right on at 30 yards, and low at 40 yards.

    Look here for more info

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    Well, a 1200 fps air rifle probably wont kill a turkey. Turkeys are very tough animals to hunt. The air rifle would only wound the turkey, and it would fly away and later die. You couldnt retrieve it. The BEST way to kill a turkey is with a shotgun in the head. If you dont have a shotgun, the next best thing is anything LARGER than a .22 mag. If you use this, however, you have to take a wing shot, and then kill it. But since you are planning on using a bow, this doesnt matter. A bow will work just fine in a wing shot once again. Also, you should definiately get a turkey call. The easiest is a box call or slate call if you are a beginner. Diaphrams are for experts. When you hunt turkeys, you must be completely still. raising ur gun could even scare them away. Turkeys have VERY good eye-sight. The night before you turkey hunt, if u can, call them with a turkey call or crow call, and you should hear them gobble. this helps them know where to go in the morning. Turkeys usually get off their roost (place where they sleep) around 10 am, but you should definiately get into the woods before them. I think that is about all you need. Have fun and be safe! :)

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    I can see the thumbs down already, but to hunt turkey, you need turkey!

    Domesticated Bronze turkeys were bred from wild stock for docility. If bred in captivity and returned to nature, the stupid/docile ones are quickly eaten by predators, leaving the smart ones to reproduce and re-stock the woods.

  5. Classic Cars says:

    Ear Ringing

    Only Kalifornistan allows taking turkey with a .20 min. caliber air rifle or .22 rim-fire rifle, the rest of the country it’s against the rules. I recommend a 12 or 20 gage full choke shotgun, a pump, auto or single is fine. I also recommend archery using the guillotine broad-head.

    Again in kalifornistan you don’t need a separate license to hunt turkey with a bow all is needed is the upland game stamp.

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