What are the strongest arguments against encouraging hunting to control deer populations?

July 3, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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alfie asked:

Are there alternatives to hunting and killing when it comes to population control? In what ways can hunting be cruel? What rights do you believe wild animals to have?

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8 Responses to “What are the strongest arguments against encouraging hunting to control deer populations?”
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    Well the only way to lower a population is to kill off some of it, so there are no real alternatives unless you consider disease and starvation an acceptable alternative. Hunting is only cruel when it is a bad shot and the animal suffers, but 99% of the time hunting is more humane then what is practiced at slaughterhouses. The only right a wild animal has is to a quick relatively painless death.

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    Hunting is the natural way to control populations. Deer were meant to be hunted, it’s their role in nature. Left to their own, they will reproduce, destroy vast acreage, destroy other animals habitats, destroy human food crops and create danger, disease and famine throughout the entire ecosystem.

    No, there are no alternative, unless you want to remove man from the situation and bring back wolves. Man and wolf cannot coexist.

    Hunting is not cruel at all, it’s perfectly natural.

    Animals don’t have any rights. People who say they do do not understand what rights are.

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    People die all the time because of deer in the roadways or jumping in front of cars or hitting cars or vehicles.

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    Pilot programs for other alternatives such as contraceptives have universally met with complete failure. The only other alternative that works is to eradicate their habitat and make them locally extinct.
    Of course shooting them is cruel. The only thing more cruel is not shooting them.
    People, by virtue of their humanity , have an obligation to treat animals in a humane way. Note the redundancy. That isn’t the same thing as “animal rights,” which is an oxymoron.

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    The solution is to implement a comprehensive family planning program complete with biological facts coupled with contraceptive knowledge. They could also distribute free contraceptives to the deer to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It’s really a matter of educating the deer and allowing the deer to make the proper choices that will be in their best interest for the long term.

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    Hunting is the only way to manage wild animal populations. All other proposed methods of population control are nothing more than ignorant dreams that are dismissed by anyone with half a brain.

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    Hunting is by far the cheapest method of controlling deer populations. I guess you could re-introduce cougars back into their former range. But some people get upset when their kids and pets get eaten by cougars. I guess you could also drive faster with your lights off at night through areas with high deer populations. Animals don’t have any rights but they should not be made to suffer. Have you ever seen an animal starve to death or freeze to death?

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