What are the advantages of hunting on the 1st day of the hunting season?

June 21, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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DEATH asked:

Would like to know, I am interested in going deer hunting. Are there any advantages or benefits of hunting on the 1st day of the hunting season?

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How do you find hunting property for lease?

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12 Responses to “What are the advantages of hunting on the 1st day of the hunting season?”
  1. Princess Rings

    you catch the deer with their pants down, you get first pickings since no one else has been tramping through the woods, higher chances over all.

  2. LED Grow Lights

    Uh… well it’s a plus/negative connotation…

    First day? Good pickings.

    First day? Every moron and his half-retarded third cousin is going to be out in the woods… and you might have to deal with them…

  3. Cure Yeast Naturally

    On the first day, I guess you would have the opportunity to catch deer and other game animals off guard and be able to take the best pickings.

  4. Camping Stove

    well the deer are all freaked out cause theres a bunch of hunters runnin around blasting every damn thing insight and so they are…….ON THE MOVE!! ..so now you might just catch one in the open.
    about mid way through the season all the animals have now found their hiding places and you have to go bust them out…………so now it’s harder…somethin else…..dont think a deer is stupid……my dad told me he was sitting on a clear cut one time and could see hunters all around him, as he was sitting on a stump he looked down about 25 yards in front of him and said he saw a 2 point buck, belly crawling ! trying to get away……..so dont think they are just gonna stand there..they know the game too!

  5. WOW Leveling Guide

    The deer are calm and unspooked on the first day and the woods will be full of idiots. Ain’t nothing like it.

  6. Air Bed says:

    Princess Rings

    If you ask any truly avid, safe hunter they will tell you that there is nothing better, in terms of rates of success or experience, than opening morning of any hunting season. The primary reason is that each day of a gun season the animals become steadily more reserved.
    Deer are more intelligent than people give them credit for, they will lay low and move less until the shooting stops and the human scent begins to dissipate. That is one of the other major points, as human scent fills the woods deer also become more shy.

    To all the contributors who site the number of hunters as a bad thing I take some issue. Yes saftey should always be a major concern, however, if you are wearing blaze orange, (at least your upper body and a hat), you know the land you will be hunting, and you know that if you are on public land you need to be aware of other hunters, you should be absolutely fine. Saftey is about experience, knowledge, and common sense.

    I must also point out that the more other hunters move around the woods the more they will force the deer to move. Without something to make a deer move they will lay down until after dark during the gun season.

    The number of deer in my home state of Wisconsin (one of the top perenial buck producing states in the US) decreases drastically each day after opening morning. If you hunt with someone experienced I would say there is nothing more exciting than hearing the first shot just as the sun begins to crack the horizon. Opening morning is a tradition and a thrill for virtually every hunter.

  7. Home Theater says:

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    After waiting almost a whole year to kill something, you might think waiting a few extra days wouldn’t be a big deal.


  8. Mens Gold Bracelets

    your chances of success are higher because you are catching the deer off guard. They are not expecting to run into people yet.

  9. Make Money From Home

    Deer follow certain paths. When this huge movement of people comes their way they will leave using escape paths. If you get into the woods before daylight near a game trail far from the road this movement of people will push the deer to you. Just be still and wait.
    It works and by the time some are still getting out of their rigs you will have a deer.

  10. Bowtech

    Advantage None, all the fools are out for the years first kill.
    Since i worked in LE, could not be off opening day, but never missed it anyways.
    Always hunted along the power lines. Sit on a hill top, look into valley about 100 yrs away.
    Wait for the Deer to come out into open, eat the grass about 7am, from under the nice cut grass of the power line company.
    Always got a clean shot, pick and choose evey year, which one do I want?

  11. Mens Rings says:

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    Not only do you have to hunt the first day, but you’ve better be in the woods before the sun comes up. Most of the shooting is done in the first hour of the shooting. The thing is, there are more hunters in the woods on the first day…pushing the deer around. Deer are actually nocturnal animals – they like to lay down during the day and sleep and then get up at sunset to go out and find food. This is why you see them more often in the evenings along the side of the road and why some folks go spotlighting after it get dark. So, if there are only a handful of hunters in the woods, then the deer simply bed down and sleep. But, if there are scores of hunters moving around, then the deer start to get anxious and run…giving you an opportunity to shoot one.

  12. Discount Makeup

    The animals (deer, turkey, etc) will still be in their normal patterns. If you have done your homework you can catch them off guard.

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