What are some safety aspects that need to be stressed in archery?

September 27, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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? Shannen ? asked:

I need to know some safety aspects of archery... a list of them, or a website would do

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In Dragon Age Origins; is it beneficial to be a duelist specialization with archery talents?

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  1. Make Beer says:

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    Good to see that you’re checking on safety, best of luck.


  2. Classic Car

    check both of the following sites fr safety answers and if that doesn’t work for you contact me direct I can get you as much info as you could possibly want.

    Safety steps and statistics can be found on each web site and I recently did research for a paper so if the info you are getting isn’t working just holler


  3. Car History says:

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    The main things to look out for

    1. Keep arrows in the quiver unless you’re shooting
    2. When you get on the shooting line, arrows are to still remain in the quiver until you have personally made sure noone is in front of that line(line is clear)
    3. Make sure no one is behind the bales when you shoot. When setting up a target, be sure to have at a minimum, 50m of empty space behind the target.
    4. When walking to the target, scan the ground in front of you for arrows, arrows stuck in the ground can impale itself in your shin if you walk into it.
    5. When at the target, make sure to check that the space you’re walking into is free of arrows, most accidents at a range involve people walking into the back of the arrows on the target.
    6. When pulling arrows, make sure no one is standing behind you. Likewise, when waiting to pull make sure to stand clear of the pullers.

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