What are some good tips for hunting turkey in rainy weather?

June 23, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Cj asked:

I hunt in maine and it isnt too too rainy but in the turkey season up here there is rainy weather. do i hunt like i usually would? or are there any other tactics i should use?... I have a blind set up in a corner of a field just about 3-5 feet in a tree line. Also this is my first year so any other tips would be wounderful, such as calls, sents, camoflage, or anything else you think would be important. Thanks and good hunting,

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    Two points to hunting rainy weather

    1. Turkeys go to the fields

    2. Turkeys don’t answer or respond well to calling

    SO you can go about this 2 different ways

    Find you a field (seems they like the larger fields better in the rain b/c they see forever) This can be a cow pasture, green field, etc but it should be cut short. You just sit there all day (whenever the time cutoff is) and call every 15-20 minutes.


    Walk to a field, glass it, walk to another field, glass it, etc until you find a bird(s) in it. From there you can get as close as you can to them and attempt to call or try to get in front of them for an abush.

    And you better wear good rainwear – a preference to something very breathable if you do any walking. Chances are you’ll still come back soaking wet because of sweat. Of course in my opinion a warm sweat is better than cold rainy clothes.

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    I stay in bed, But when I hunt I try to get them Close to when they first fly down, before they go to the fields. set at the edge of the woods and field. They don’t talk even if you shock them and even when they are in the roast.They come back in the woods early usually in the pines and not their normal hardwoods. Calls for a beginner is a box call they work even good for experienced hunters and are easy to wok. Turkeys can not smell. but can see well even colors and smallest movement. so blend in with dead falls or trees and have shoot lanes and cover.don’t over call your first call if the bird calls back he know exactly where you are. Use decoys, this make a hot bird come in when he sees them and looks at the instead of looking around and seeing you. Turkeys can see and hear ten times better than a deer. Always shoot at the top of the head never body shoot. Try to shoot when his head is up not while in a strut. Use a turkey or full choke. Keep your shots within 40 yards. Good luck and have fun When you hear your first gobble you will be hooked.

  3. Ear Ringing says:

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    My old theory on never turkey hunting in the rain was disproved a few years ago when a friend took me riding through the woods during hunting season in Fort Polk Louisiana during a light drizzle. We saw 72 turkeys crossing the roads in the middle of the morning. It seemed the light rain stimulated the movement for some reason. Since I still don’t turkey hunt in the rain, I don’t know how they would respond to calling. To be successful you will need a call such as an owl hooter to locate the toms, and a call to get him into gun range. Since the turkey has great eyesight, use good camo and no movement when the turkey is looking your way. Don’t worry about scent. Their sense of smell is almost non-existent.

  4. Car History says:

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    From the article titled, “Rainy Day Turkey Hunting” (see source) Turkeys prefer more open areas during the rain. Call louder to be heard over the constant white noise of a rainstorm. A rainy day is the best time to put the stalk on a bird. Immediately after the storm passes, make certain to be hunting an open pasture or crop field where birds go to dry off. This also is a great time to use a full-body gobbler decoy. As the rain ends, have your decoys out on the edge of an open field where gobblers can exercise their pent-up aggression.

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