Tips for bowhunting pigs?

January 9, 2011 by Bowhunter  
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I've been on two pig hunts so far, both with rifles. On my first hunt i was on some private land and killed a pig within a couple hours; send hunt was in a state wilderness area and never saw a rooting. Another public area near where i live is closed over summer, but will open up again this November to bow hunters only. I have a 70# parker bow, detuned to somewhere around 65# for turkey hunting. Didn't ever get a shot at a turkey this season with the bow, but I'm feeling pretty confident within around 40 yards and I just picked up some new Trophy Ridge Ultimate Steel Broadheads. From what I've read they are field point accurate and deadly as hell.

So here's what i'm asking for. If anyone who has experience bow hunting (or just hunting in general) for big game could give me some pointers about how to pursue pigs, where to look for them, shot placement, how to get close enough for a shot, and tracking once shot. Thanks
By the way I'm stalking them, no dogs. Not sure if i made that very clear

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  1. Bow Cases says:

    PSE Thunderbolt

    I don’t know a whole lot about bowhunting pigs, but I have hunted them with a rifle before. The best place that I have found to hunt them is by food sources near water or a river bottom. If you can find one of their wallows you will be in business. Just set up there and wait for them to come back. If you have a river or a pond scope it out and see if you cannot find some tracks and figure out their patterns. You may want to cover ground while you are hunting too as they move a lot. Also hogs are very sociable animals if one is hurt others are likely to come and check it out. Squeal at them and they should come in. For shot placement I have watched a few videos about people hunting hog and I have seen them shoot at their vitals. But when hunting them with a rifle right behind the ear is where I have been told to put it.

  2. Hoyt Bows says:

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    The hogs will tend to be found around water or bottom lands.But if there is food sources available such as crop lands of food plots that would be your best best. If stalking be sure and use the wind in your favor. If the hog looks in your direction, just freeze and you will more then likely not get noticed. The hog has very bad eyesight but a very keen sense of smell.
    I will tell you a trick that may or may not work for you but has worked (not always) but several times in my favor. When I would be hunting down wind of hogs and I would be moving and get spotted the hogs would run off. But I have found that if I would start blowing like a deer does when something scares it, at times the hogs would stop running, start feeding again and would not pay attention to me which would enable me to get a bow shot. I can only guess they thought I was a deer and posed no threat to them.
    But the shot must always be in the heart-lung area behind the shoulder. Most hogs, especially boars will have a “shield” covering their shoulder area composed of many layers of fat, that protects the boars when they are fighting other boars. An arrow will not reach the vitals of a large boar hog when it is hit in the shoulder. But if hit in the vitals, the hog will leave a good blood trail and will usually be found under 100 yards away. Your broad head choice is a good one, for a fixed blade head is the best to use on a hog. You shots should be under 30 yards to ensure a good clean hit. If a hog is feeding stalking into shooting distance if there is available cover can be done. Good luck!

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