Teen bowhunting question?

January 6, 2011 by Bowhunter  
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Dennis C asked:

I am 16 years old, and am hunting by myself for the first time. I hunted with my Dad last year, but I didn't practice shooting at all and didn't fire a shot.

This year I have been shooting everyday, and fixing my form step by step. I normally wouldn't have to ask a question on here for my family is big on hunting and they have the answers to every question I ask.

The question is, after I get done bow hunting with this smaller, mediocre bw this year, what bow should I try to get next year? Im using a never used 8 year old Darton bow. My Dad said that this bow is good for the time being, but isn't consistent. Im looking to get something like Mathews or Hoyt next year. I don't have alot of money to use, so which kind would you recommend?

Also, what type of arrow and Color of fletching would you recommend? Just an opinionated question.

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Teen Bowhunting Question?

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  1. Bowhunting

    The bow you should get should be fitted to you. Your arrows and draw length can all be adjusted to fit you at a pro shop.

    If you don’t have a lot of money look into Diamond bows.
    Which ever feels the best to you you should go with. The shows you see on TV are shooting bows that are givin to them for advertising purposes. What ever bow you choose, good luck.

  2. Recurve Bows says:

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    matthews and hoyt are very good bows, but then again they are very expensive too..i’d get something a little less expensive, but has the ability to shoot as well as an expensive one.. i’d try a PSE. and as for the fletching colors, it does’nt matter. i’d use carbon arrows though

  3. Ben Pearson Archery

    Hello, you should go with the bow that fits you best, draw length, poundage and accessories.
    Now, that doesn’t mean necessarily going out and buying a brand new heavily advertised bow, they are not always the best for you.
    After this season is over, put a little money aside and go to an outfitter. We have an excellent one about 40 miles from us that we purchase most of our bow hunting equipment from. They also carry a large selection of good used bows that have been tested, tuned, sometimes new strings installed etc..
    Try all of them that are closest to your needs. Then make your decision based on what bow fits you best. It may not be that Mathews, Hoyt or Bowtech. It might be a bow that’s a couple of years old that just feels right to you! Mine was. Since then I’ve killed deer and squirrels with it and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.
    Since you are not spending that top dollar, you’ll have a bit left over for the accessories that might make you a better more accurate with consistancy shooter which is really the most important thing instead of a brand name.
    I hope that didn’t come across too sharp. It sure wasn’t meant to be. Good luck to you with your hunt this year.
    As far as the fletchings, anything but white, but that’s just a hang up of mine with carbon arrows, they tolerate my abuse better than aluminum, LOL!

  4. Bowhunting says:

    Gloves, Tabs and Release Aids

    As said before PSE is a good bow. Go to your nearest archery shop and shoot before you buy. Alot of dealers allow you to shoot the bow before you buy it.

    I would also recommend carbon arrows. They pack alot more kinetic energy than aluminum arrows.

    As far as fletching colors…I like using 2 white veins and 1 outstanding color like red or yellow with white knocks. I prefer white fletching and knocks because it makes the arrow easier to follow during flight.

  5. Archery Equipment

    Honestly I don’t know of a single bow out there that is more inconsistent than the archer. The only time this can happen is if there’s something wrong with the arrow rest, or maybe the cam. A good archery store should be able to fix it.

    Even when the bow is out of tune, the bow itself is still consistent, it’s consistently out of tune but if it’s shot the same exact way twice, it will send two out of tune arrows to exactly the same spot.

    Having said that, there is some benefit in having a shiny new bow. Archery is mostly mental anyway. The two you named though just happen to have the most expensive bows out there. They’re great bows, but expensive. PSE as others suggested also makes good bow, their workmanship is not as good as Hoyt or Matthews but they’re good people and they will stand behind their product.

    As for arrow, go for Gold Tip arrows, they’re nice and durable, and pretty affordable.

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