Setting the sights on a compound bow?

May 19, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Gizzmo asked:

I'm a first time bow hunter, just bought a new Kodiak bow with pin sights. I've never shot a bow very much, and have no experience what so ever with setting bow sights. I'd like to have 3 pins 1) set for 10 yds 2) set for 20 and 3) set for 30 yrds. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks!

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can you adjust the draw length on an approximately fifteen-year-old PSE compound bow?

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    before you go hunting the best thing that you can do is practice, practice and more practice. this is to make sure that you take an ethical shot on whatever game you are hunting. before you start make sure you have the bow set for you, draw weight, arrows and other things. go to a local pro shop to make sure that it is set up for you. when using multiple pins the average set up is 15, 20, 30 yards. you can use your 15y pin for shots at 10y, there should be little or no difference. when you have shots in between your pins, lets say 25y put your 30y pin at the top of the vitals and the 20y pin at the bottom of the vitals. you should start off with shooting at 5-7 yards at the target. this will get you set up to see how your shot placement is. after you get that down, now mind you there is a lot to think about when you shoot. there is, how you put your hand to your face (kisser button or not), fingers or release, how you hold your bow (grip) and other things. if you are getting arrows in a group, at that range, aprox 2-3 inch diam start moving your pins and then moving back. when you site in your bow you will chase your arrows. example, if your arrow shoots high and to the right, move your pin in that direction. move your pins a little at a time, so that you can get a feel for how much you need to move them. when you move back move to 10 or even 15 yards you will have to move your pins again. now when you have 15y down then move back. you should at this point only have to move your pins up/down and not left/right. if you do have to move left/right then get it in for up/down first then move the whole site left/right. you should check your 15y pin to make sure there is no difference. if there has been a change then you might be doing something different at 15y or at the other yardage(s). this goes for your other pins. that is where practice and doing things consistently will help. i know that this is a lot of stuff but you need to practice before you go hunting. hope that this information does not scare you. it will help you in the long run, practicing that is. good luck and go get that food in the freezer.

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    Remember that your sight pin must always go in the opposite direction that you want your arrow to go.

    Practice 15, 25 and 35 yard shots too… so you know how you will need to compensate for the different distances… remember, 5 yards is 15 feet… it’s quite a difference in target acquisition using a bow.

    Get familiar with distance recognition… in fact, if you can mark certain spots of your shooting lane before taking your stand it will only serve to help you be familiar with your distances and whether or not you can take that shot or have to draw the deer in a little closer.

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    Archery takes a lot more practice than rifle, so start early and keep on it.

    As for pins I usually set a 30,40, and 50 yard pin. A modern bow will shoot relatively flat out to 30 yards, so the first pin should cover 20-30 yards without adjustment. You’ll be a bit high at 10 yards.

    Practice tons at 50 yards once you’re up and going. Anything inside that will be easy.

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