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December 16, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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? Uwish ? asked:

My boyfriend is going deer hunting this weekend with a new bow he got from his cousin. Anyhoo I was looking online to order carbon arrows for him.

This may be stupid but I have no clue when it comes to "his toys" Does the arrow and the shaft come sperate and we have to put them together? I thought the arrow was the whole thing.

Any help would be appreciated. Here's the link for what I'm looking at if that helps

Hoyt Bows

groundhogs and bowhunting?

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  1. Recurve Bows says:

    Arrow Rests

    shafts are arrows without fletchings. the feathers. kind a like a build it yer self deal. just get him complete arrows he will also need broadheads

  2. Hoyt Bows

    The term arrow is the whole thing, there are MTO arrows, or made to order arrows, these are usually a bit more expensive than buying it in parts. When you buy MTO arrows, they will cut the arrow to you specification, fletch them, put the nocks on and the points. They’re basically ready to go out of the box. Although with MTO arrows, I will make sure to check the vanes, make sure to put a dab of glue to the leading and trailing point of each vane.

    When you order these arrows though, you have to know what his draw weight, draw length and the kind of cam on his bow. You see, arrows come in varying sizes, not just length, but different stiffness also. The stiffness of the shaft, combined with it’s length, vane/nock and point weight will give you the dynamic spine. The correct dynamic spine will give you good flight.

    The shaft on the other hand is just a part of the arrow. It’s the long main part.

    Yes, I looked at that website, where it says arrows, these are MTO arrows. Where it says arrow shafts, it’s just the shaft.

  3. Recurve Bows says:

    Archery Bow Strings

    Most arrows come as the shaft, nock and fletching(vanes, feathers on the end). They need to be matched to the bow as far as stiffness, and the length is determined by the archer’s draw length. Some come with inserts on the end into which you screw the broadheads or field points. Best to let him take care of this so things get matched properly for him.

  4. Arrow Rests says:

    Compound Bows

    him an his bow needs to go to a good bow shop and get his bow tuned to him and have his arrows fletchings and broadheads set to his bow.

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