nocking point on my bear Kodiak magnum recurve?

May 19, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Roy asked:

im having trouble finding the right nocking point on my recurve i have tryed several different positions but they havent work and my arrow is coming out of the bow nock high and i shoot 3 fingers under so if you have any numbers for nocking points please leave me a answer thank you and good day

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One Response to “nocking point on my bear Kodiak magnum recurve?”
  1. Video Games says:

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    It would help if you had a bow square to find the correct nocking point, or at least close to correct. But I can only assume you don’t have one. So here is what I would do. If the arrow is coming out of the bow high, that means the nocking point is too low. Raise your nocking point about 1/4 of an inch and try again until It is coming out of the bow correctly. Keep raising it little by little until you have it right. Here is another method to fine tune it even better. Take a bare shaft (no feathers) and shoot Your target about 20 foot away. Look at the arrow as it flies. If the nock end of the arrow is high, lower your nocking point. If the nock end is low, raise your nocking point. Keep doing this until the arrow flies toward the target completely level. It will remind you of a dart when you get it just right. When you have it tuned like that it will fly faster, shoot flatter and have more accuracy and penetration then a wobbling arrow will have.Good luck!

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