New to archery, any tips/suggestions?

May 31, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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I'm just starting up archery and I have no clue how to go about it. I have a recurve bow by the way. I just need some tips/suggestions to help get me going. Thank you.

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5 Responses to “New to archery, any tips/suggestions?”
  1. Camping Discounters

    First, get familiar with the bow, learn how to string it, how to hold it, how to aim, and how to keep it in good shooting condition. Get good arrows and take an archery course, often available at the YMCA or an archery shop. Practice as often as possible at distances from 15 yd to 40 yd on stationary and moving targets.

    If you plan on bowhunting, learn to shoot instinctively from kneeling and crouching positions. You could read some books on bowhunting. For some real old stuff, George Hill wrote some of the first books on bow hunting back in the 1940s, Fred Bear wrote back in the 1960s and 70s.

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    im not much of i instinct shooter but make sure you keep your arm bent to prevent string slap and definatly look into the sport and if you can afford it get a good compound to that way you can choose witch is best for you recurves a very hard to aim with and talk to your local archery shops and shoot there if they have a range and get tips from them they are experts ant what they do hopefuly

  3. Flea and Tick Medications

    well dont stand ur bow in the corner on the limbs keep it stored on a rack or under ur bed horizontally and check and check out the shooting dvds

  4. Flea and Tick Medications

    find your local sports-mans/lady club and ask advice.then practice,practice,practice

  5. Vintage Earrings

    The most informative thing you could ever do is get a tape on Traditional bow shooting by Bryan Ferguson. It is helpful and you will enjoy it to the max!

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