need suggestions on making dirt for a archery banquet how to decorate the dirt?

September 22, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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vitals929 asked:

I love to make the recipe dirt i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what i can put as a theme on the top for the archery to make it still look like dirt

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6 Responses to “need suggestions on making dirt for a archery banquet how to decorate the dirt?”
  1. Antique Earrings

    Gummy worms, dandelions (they are edible!)

  2. Nintendo DS

    one of those swirled suckers with numbers piped on it for your target. a bit of grass would be good too, dye coconut green with milk and food coloring, vary the shades of green and just sprinkle in patches as if the archers have tromped the growing grass. toss bows and arrows and quivers all over the ground.

  3. Garden Ponds Supply

    Get the chocolate oreos and the vanilla oreos, crush them separately and decorate the top like a bullseye – a large dark ring on the outside, a smaller white ring, and then a dark center bullseye – you can make as many rings as you like.

    Get some straws – the solid neon color type, but not the bendy kind (or cut the bendy part off) and make two perpendicular slits (like an +) in one end. Cut some triangles out of construction paper or other brightly colored paper and insert into the slits to make arrow fletches and stick them into the bullseye (with the fletched side sticking out) to simulate shot arrows.

  4. Antique Earrings

    crush the oreo cookies and sprinkle on top as usual.
    Use toothpiacks and paper to make small target bales (round or square either works I have seen both kinds).
    use the cocktail toothpicks (the ones with the colored plastic wrap) to stick into the bales as arrows.

    Makes it archery without changing ingredients and everybody loves dirt!!!

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