Need help getting items and price of items on guild wars:factions?

May 8, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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dragonher0 asked:

can anyone tell me wear to get a good armor with a Radiant Insignia(s), max health runes, Rune of attunement,vampiric bowstring,recurve bows, and fortitude grips for the bow.

Also can u tell me the price of each of them? And well im new to this game so would u need to buy arrows? if yes, are there different types of arrows? if yes, what types are there and the cost for each of them? if no different types of arrows, whats the price on arrows each?

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    guild wars is really a huge game, you must pay much time on it, and at the sametime you

    should pay for it.
    if you want to find some of these website ,there are some. hope it is useful.

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