Need a gift for younger bro?

June 2, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Sarah asked:

My brother is 12, and won't tell me what he wants for Christmas! Whenever I ask he says 'I don't know...'. I want to get him something a little more original than an iTunes gift card, but can't think of anything! He's really into big game bowhunting, loves his dogs, works outside all the time... (he's really buff for a 12 yr old!), blah, blah, blah. Does anyone have any gift ideas? He has a WII, ipod nano, laptop, playstation, and a totally kick-butt bow. I want to go shopping this weekend, while he's gone (hunting, of course). Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!!

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3 Responses to “Need a gift for younger bro?”
  1. Vintage Cufflinks

    1. a game or controller (nunchuck, basic controller, drivers wheel) for the Wii. It has pretty cool interactive games.

    2. Money or another type of gift card other than itunes(gamestop, hunting store) is always good too if you cant come up w/ anything.

  2. Make Money From Home

    Video games!!!!!!!!! get the games where you could use the remote as a gun (since he likes hunting)

  3. Make Beer says:

    Make Beer

    Well if he has an x box, ps3, or wii, get him a game like the new call of duty.

    Maybe some hunting gear, something for his dogs, a football, frisbee, anything really.

    Hope this helps. !

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