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March 29, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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haske mazawakan asked:

im lakota native american does anyone agree that the native american were better people than white man? after all how would you fell if someone invaded your shores and slautered your familly, burned your homes, and you couldent do anything about it? in my opinon the contriey was better off when the red skins ruled. actually they didnt even think they ruled they thought they were just looking after the land for the great spirit (god). the native americans werent the savages. they even apolagised to the animals they hunted and killed. they took only what the land could restore. they used evry little bit of the anamal they killed. the rare battles they fought with each other was not for land or riches, but for suplies for the winter. they had a choise of sitting there and waching the white man distroy there land and way of life of fight back with bow and arrows againsed guns and canons! im lakota native american and im proud to be who i am, whether poor or rich it makes me im proud!

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    Wayne it is good to be proud of who you are. I would fight urge to apply the label good or better. It is probably what the Europeans thought of themselves when they saw your ancestors. It is thinking like that lets people destroy each other.

  2. Garden Ponds says:

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    I think what the white man has done was bad but to go back in time and say it would be better off now is hard to say. I also know i live near a indian reservation and alot of the younger ones are too busy drinking and causing problems. I was married to a native for 6 years and seen alot of young kids go into the system(prison). I think there should be more for the native kids such as schooling programs, rec. centers, or something with a positive attitude.

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    Got both sides, dear… white men burned native homes and natives burned european homes. But we’re talking about 100+ years ago. Any chance we can please be back on today, and just deal with what our problems are today, not 100 years ago? Damn, I have enough problems with yesterday, let alone a year of a hundred ago.

  4. Make Beer says:

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    Thank you for your statement of pride in your heritage! I would not wish to challenge it or you. Remain proud, properly so!

    As we immigrants (150 years ago, in my case) are told with regularity, it is not often appropriate to generalize from Sioux, Seneca, Iroquois, Navaho, Hopi, Inuit, or any other specific culture to native Americans as a group. What the best of these peoples did at the best of times is not a blueprint to describe the worst under worse circumstances. Warfare, slavery, and the repression of women are a part of cultures worldwide, for example, certainly in my heritage and–I suspect, but do not know–in yours. If not, my sincere apology for generalizing.

    One generalization that does seem to hold is that virtually all [I haven't an exception in mind after the original Jamestown colony was eliminated] of the native Americans were exploited at best and victimized at worst by European settlers. Native cultural values were dismissed, and their followers were accorded few rights. George Washington’s first treaty as president was with Senecas, and that treaty was abrogated around 1961 or 1962 when Seneca land was flooded by a dam on the Allegheny River. Same story; different chapter.

  5. Archery says:

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    Good for you mate! I am English and a student of Native American History/ Culture and language and it is good to see the pride in your heritage.

    Personally yes I think the Natives were a better people generally. They had true freedom and if the settlers had not been so obsessed with possesions and wealth they may have seen the benefits of learning from the people they were persecuting.

    I am not suggesting that the whites should have given up they;re technology and way of life- that would be ridiculous but an eventual merger of the two cultures to create a new way of life beneficial to both races would have been an excellent solution in an ideal world. If this had happened I don’t believe for a second that we would have the environmental problems we have today if we’d have took on board some Native American sensibilities.

    I am slightly surprised that you used the term ‘Red Skin’ as I was under the impression that the word was now catagorised alongside the ‘N’-word. Still, I am an Englishman so you may know better than me.

    You stay proud kola, your people at least earned that right.

  6. Home Theater

    In the sense of behavior, disposition, disrespect for the world and the people in it, yes…

    I personally can’t understand how any people could act like that. How empty and self righteous they must have felt!

  7. Car History says:

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    I think the funniest (or worst) part of Europeans arrival, is that we helped them survive the winter when they got here. I mean, men died from scurvy and we made them medicine.

  8. Vintage Cars

    Everyone is born equal and what they do in their lives makes them better or worse than others. Don’t generalise. I’m sure there were bad people in Native American tribes just as there are bad people everywhere.

    I don’t think Native Americans are any better than the next person, but there are aspects of the culture that are/were admirable, and if widely practiced the world would probably be a better place to live in.

    “White culture” has given a lot of good to the world (as well as bad) that I know I am much better off for.

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    Hey man, great to see the pride showing through, and I have to say that I’m right along side of you. I can’t say that ‘all’ skinz were or are better than the white man was or is. I can say that ‘some’ Indian’s were better than ‘some’ white people. And today I can tell you that I have a few cousins that I’d like to trade in even for a horse or cow or something.

    You are right that a lot of wrong was done and it was done in the name of conquest and expansion, and most of it was done while thinking that the Indian was less than human. That is a period of time when the thinking was extremely small, but it still persists today, if you’ll just look around at such things as people protesting at soldier funerals, saying that ‘god hates gays’ and such; or the Jena-6 case. What we can do now is try to inform people and educate, not just about Native issues, but any issue that involves diversity and inclusion, or lack thereof.

    What we can also do now is look at the injustice of what happened over a century ago, realize how it is affecting us now and work to change that, because even though people say that it happened decades ago, get over it, the threads of the tragedies still reach into today, but we can’t keep holding ourselves back because of that, we have to move forward and take what we can of our culture and make life better for ourselves, and if possible our own children. Those are the only people who we have some way of touching directly.

    You seem to have a rudimentary grasp of the spirituality of the Native people, so you need to take that, embrace it, and see what you can preserve and pass on.

    One last little bit is that the battles weren’t as rare as all that, and a lot of the battles were malicious and based on pride, or hurt pride, depending. And even if it was “just” for supplies for the winter, what was the other tribe supposed to do for the winter? Do without? Starve? Freeze? And do you think these other tribes gave these supplies up without a fight and that no one got hurt? You are Lakota (learn to capitalize it, take pride) so your history is rooted in the Black Hills, but before the Lakota moved into the area, the Kiowa were the residents there and they didn’t go willingly.

    Be proud you are Native, it is a good thing, and what we believed, as a people in general since there are over 350 nations still around, were the things that took care of the Earth and will take care of it again, when there is a pressing need. That time seem’s like it is awfully close, so it is going to take a people that know’s what to do when they are called upon. If you haven’t all ready Black Elk might be someone that you should learn about.

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