Mountain lion problems?

May 28, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Will asked:

Okay, this is the horse that swallowed the fly situation here...
The game commission brought coyotes into my home state (Pennsylvania) and now that the coyotes are over populating, they "introduced" 2 mountain lions to the ravine thats on my property..

Now, the true question is, can I kill either of these mountain lions in a non self defense situation? And can I apply to carry a weapon of defense while bowhunting?

Please only answer if you know what your talking about, and please no stupid answers.. the last thing I want is to have to shoot the leapords that are hunting the mountain lions that are hunting the coyotes that hunt the deer....

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8 Responses to “Mountain lion problems?”
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    Well, if they introduced two cougars I would surmise that you area doesn’t have a population density that would support a cat season. So, that being said, I would imagine you would get in some sort of trouble for shooting one in a non-defensive situation. If you have live stock though you have the right to protect them. You’d have more free lease to shoot on sight.

    You shouldn’t have an issue carrying a pistol while bow hunting in cougar country provided it is legal for you to own one.

  2. Mens Rings says:

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    OK, serious stuff first. It appears that Penn. does not allow carrying sidearms during bow hunting, even is you have a CCW permit. Next,
    what moonshine are you drinking to believe that the PGC is importing
    pumas & coyotes into Penn? The game commission denies that there are ANY wild mountain lions in your state, and any sightings must be escaped puma pets. Coyotes have been living in your state for over 50 years, and their population is increasing without any help from Penn. tax dollars. And the mountain lion is a protected species because it is not on the state game animal list because PGC says there aren’t any. So if you can kill or photograph a mountain lion, drag the evidence to the Penn Game Commission office

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    This is some urban legend BS that has been asked here before. There are no mountain lions being released in Penn. Its total myth, has no basis and coyote arent the usual prey for a big cat, so there’s no reason to think that anyone would even discuss trying it.

    If you dont want to get a stupid answer…. well you know the rest.

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    I lived up in eastern washington up in the Selkirk’s and they had cougar problems bad……A fella told me in a bar the rule was the three S’s
    and shut up!

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    I can not imagine the state releasing mountain lions.

    Are you sure about that?

  6. Bowtech says:

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    Your question is full of inconsistencies, which leads me to believe that you are full of something else.

  7. Men’s Jewelry

    in california where i bow hunt i always carry a side arm for backup. check your local laws before u do so. where I am in Ca there are many mountain lions and I would never go out with only my bow. and a self defense situation can be a pretty loose term. if I saw a mt. lion and it didnt run as soon as it saw me, to me that would be a self defense situation.

  8. Cure Yeast Infections

    The Pa. Game Commission denies ever stocking any Mountain Lions in Pa.* They told me I also would be arrested and fined severely if i did kill a Mountain Lion in Pa. under any circumstances or conditions.* No you cannot carry a handgun of any kind while hunting Deer in Archery Season.* They said the only way that any Mountain Lions could be inhabiting Pennsylvania is if they Migrated here from another State, or somebodies Tame Mountain Lion Escaped captivity, or the owner of the Mountain Lion turned theirs loose on purpose.*…. Mountain Lions they informed me are a Protected Animal under the Pa. Game Code.* However Friends, and a few Neighbors have sighted them in Pa. where I Live.* I myself first saw one in the early 1960′s drinking out of a stream that flowed past our house.* I grabbed my 30-06 with a 10 Power Scope on it, stuck it out the window to possibly shoot it.* It was 100 yards from me, but i hesitated because there was a neighbors house nearby where the Mountain Lion was, and held my fire because of my concern about what would happen if I wounded it that close to their house instead of killing it on the spot.*…True Story it really did happen.* It was a beautiful animal, and it wasn’t any Bobcat or wildcat either, it was a Mountain Lion.*

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