Minnesota BowHunting Question?

January 5, 2011 by Bowhunter  
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Dr. Sheldon Cooper asked:

Alright for all you hunters out there! Question:

A) How many acres do you need to legally go bowhunt in MN?

B) After muzzleloader season ends, can we go back to camo w/o having blaze orange?

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2 Responses to “Minnesota BowHunting Question?”
  1. Compound Bows

    These are questions you need to direct to your DOW/DNR office. Then you will know first hand as to what right and wrong is.

  2. Recurve Bows says:

    Bear Recurve Bow

    A. There is no minimum acreage.
    B. After muzzleloader season, no blaze orange is required.

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