Legal to hunt deer with an AK-47 assault rifle?

March 30, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Techguy2396 asked:

I KNOW it's not legal in Louisiana. Checked with the local game warden here. There is a 10,000 dollar fine. But I'm wondering about other parts of the country. It would be my choice of weapons to use, because of it's extreme reliability; you can drop it in the mud, in the water, etc. and it will never misfire, and never jam.

They say it pulverizes the deer - but if the object is to kill them ANYWAY - I don't see the problem. Bows and arrows would be more cruel than an AK-47. Or shooting them with a small caliber, so they can run miles through the woods before they die.
For those who don't think I know anything about weapons, the Kalishnikov AK-47 fires a 7.62 mm bullet - the same diameter as an M-60 machine gun.

Don't know - don't care what the muzzle velocity is.

Served 7 years, 3 months, 21 days as a paratrooper in the army - and about 13 or 14 years altogether - if you count inactive and reserve.

I'm also a combat veteran.
ALSO? I have no illusions or delusions about "spraying" anything with automatic weapons fire.

The person who wrote that is just ignorant.

Final detail: Semi-automatic is fine with me.

I haven't done that much hunting, but want to get into it. I wouldn't mind having an AK-47 anyway. And if I can use it for hunting? That would justify the cost for me. I'm looking at a thousand dollars on down. At least that's what the local pawn shops and gun dealers are charging.

Thank you for a good answer.

I'm giving you the maximum points.

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18 Responses to “Legal to hunt deer with an AK-47 assault rifle?”
  1. Bowhunting

    It’s legal in Arkansas.

  2. Car History says:


    Killing something to eat it I can live with. Killing something for the pure sake of killing is sick. You are twisted.

  3. Dog Supplies says:

    Bowhunting Equipment

    geez, can tell your from the south buddy..doubt that you ever even hunted before..a good hunter only needs one shot in the right spot. perhaps we could use you over in Iraq..later..

  4. Sterling Silver Boxes

    It’s not legal in NY; however, shooting “Techguys” with an AK-47 is…….

  5. Dog Supplies

    You just finished watching Lord of War – otherwise I bet you don’t know doodley about weaponry and firearms.

  6. Archery says:

    Titanium Rings

    hey i been trying to get ahold of an AK, where did u get urs?

  7. Video Games says:

    Archery Equipment

    It’s legal in Texas, but hunting people with an AK-47 is legal in Texas.

  8. Archery says:

    Home Theater Speakers

    It’s legal in Maine, if you don’t use the 15 round clip. There are 5 rounders available. No gun can be used with more than 5 rounds mags. And they don’t pulverize the deer if you are using full metal jackets–which I think is illegal but…

  9. Garden Ponds says:

    Sterling Silver Boxes

    I’ve been told if the gun can kill the animal use it.

  10. Vintage Cars says:

    Bowhunting Equipment

    I don’t think so. There would be nothing left of the deer. Usually you would use a high powered rifle such as 30.06 or a 12 gauge shot gun.

  11. Archery says:

    Archery Equipment

    Check local listings. I know Indiana only allows shotguns. In Kentucky, yes, an AK-47 would be a legal weapon to hunt with. Before you get all weird and think about wasting Bambi in a hail of gunfire remember that there is a limit of the rounds you can have in the rifle at any one time. There are 5 round hunting magazines for using an AK style rifle in the legal pursuit of game.

    An AK-47 is a .30 caliber rifle with a smaller charge of powder in each round than a full size battle rifle. The AK-47 would be a good close range rifle. Shot placement is the critical aspect of deer hunting, not spraying lead downrange.

    Lighten up and learn what you are talking about. I’ll see you in the field.

    Good hunting.

  12. Car History says:

    Sporting Goods

    The 7.62×39 cartridge is not powerful enough to pulverize a deer, a good hunter can take a deer down with one well placed shot. Archery hunters very often have a quicker and more humane kill than the average rifle hunter. You need to put the video games away and dwell in the real world.

  13. Dog Supplies

    in states where its legal to use rifle,and most limit them to 5 round clips.sure use it.i reccomend soft point bullets.its not as powerful as the 7.62 nato round/308cal and neither “pulverizes” a deer.but both will kill with well placed shots.

  14. Archery says:

    Camping Gear

    LOL @ your question. While I completely understand your concern and point about bow and small caliber hunting, I dont think that shooting a deer to the ground with multiple shot ‘battle’ rifle, and maiming it internally, really makes any difference.

    Yes, if you are a hunter, you should have the skill to aim for the heart or head in order to drop the animal quickly. I honestly dont care if AK47 hunting is legal anywhere in the U.S…using it as a tool of choice, shows lack of skill, sportsmanship, and common sense. You shouldn’t be hunting in the first place.

    Aside from this, there are many idiots out there who have shot cows, horses, sheep, goats, dogs and PEOPLE when they got trigger happy and didnt either know what the heck they were shooting at or didn’t know what a deer really looked like!

    And, then there are the honest accidents.

    Imagine what would have happened to Harry Whittington if Dick Cheney had been hunting with an AK47.

  15. Garden Ponds says:

    Make Beer

    if you Hadany idea of what you are talking about i would worry but you don’t stick to a shotgun you don’t eat boodied meat that’s bad for you an assault rifle has too much spin to it . it follows bones . might as well look for a train wreck you want a clean kill all bow men i know are all clean kills you are just dangerous

  16. Make Beer says:

    Home Theater

    The AK has great knock down power at close range, out to around 80 meters or so, which is probably where your pulverizing theory comes into play. Accuracy is what makes it an insufficient weapon for deer hunting, your pissing in the wind over 100 meters. The AK is mainly a lead slinger, great for suppression fire and close area warfighting. I know living in Louisiana most of your hunting situation provide close shots in heavy vegetation, which the 7.62x 32mm would excel at, but the accuracy negates the greater possibility of a clean kill. That coupled with the fact that it has a protruding pistol grip makes it an assault weapon giving it the legality issues. I’ve got friends that hunt with the SKS, which fires the same round, but have made barrel modifications to make them more efficient. Your right about the AK-47 being extremely reliable though, that and it’s high rate of fire are the main reasons for it’s popularity. It’s a frickin’ gas in full auto!!!

  17. Vintage Cars says:

    Archery Equipment

    If you dress as a Taliban and the deer has a M-16 then it’s perfectlly legal and encouraged in most states. Oh, maybe the deer will be hunting you.

  18. Video Games

    Let me first say thankyou for serving our nation in the Armed Forces.

    Fully automatic weapons were banned I believe at some point in the eightys before the Avtomat Kalishnakova 1947 were popular in the US as such they go for extremely high prices ranging from 6-12k and hunting deer with it seems somewhat idiotic since they are so highly valued.

    If you’re dead set on full auto AK47 then yes many states do allow it but you’re required to have the specific licenses that go along with such a weapon.

    As to your statement of it being the same caliber as an M60 that is incorrect. The M60 fires a 7.62x51mm NATO round aka the .308 Winchester. The AK47 fires a russian bullet that is 7.62x39mm I believe it’s called 7.62 M43.

    The AK47′s reputation is quite a wonder however they aren’t super guns and will definatly fail,jam and misfire if uncared for and again if you’re buying a 8,000 dollar gun why would you not take care of it?

    The Russian 7.62 M43′s according to studies will tumble inside a of a body causing vast amounts of damage. For those who don’t know what I mean it basically does flips inside the targets vitals leaving a larger path of internal damage then if the same bullet flew straight. How it performs in hunting I can’t say since i’ve never hunted nor have I ever used an AK47.

    Now with all that said…

    If you’re interested in a semi-auto AK-47 those range from as cheap as 300 dollars to several thousand dependant on quality and make (Such as Romanian,Chinese and Bulgarian rip offs that suffer from inferior quality) then those SHOULD be legal in in most places you can hunt with rifles though I’m not very well versed on Louisiana law ;) .

    I hope this helped.


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