is a 55lb bow too hard to pull back for a 14 year old boy?

May 13, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Dood (7th account) asked:

im 14 and am about average in strength for my age. im also 5'7'. i can do 5 overhanded pullups, i know thats not much, but is it enough to pull back a 55lb bow?

im asking this becuase i cant go to a store and buy it, i have to order it online. This is the bow i want to get:

also dont say get a more expensive bow, becuase this is all i can afford, but if u know of a bow that is of equal or less price, then please tell

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3 Responses to “is a 55lb bow too hard to pull back for a 14 year old boy?”
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    well I am 5 ft 7 in and weigh 135 and I shoot a 55 lb longbow…if I can do it can…..I would be lucky to do one pull up…but surely you know that you can get that bow in a less weight…I would say 50 would be more than enough…and there is nothing wrong with that bow…don’t let anyone tell you different…you have to start somewhere….you can upgrade when you are older and have more money…I have had 600 dollars bows and 100 dollar bows…..the 100 shot as good as the 600

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    Asking me if you can pull a 55lb bow is the same as asking me what your favorite dessert should be. Go to any archery store, they’ll have 55lb bows on the shelf. If you can pull it, you can pull it. No other way to answer that.

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    You will be able to ‘pull’ it easily enough.
    It might be a bit too much tension for you to easily develop a smooth release though.
    You might have work on that right hand a bit, and use finger tabs.
    (That’s a ‘shelf’ bow. – Do be aware you will need feather fletched arrows.
    Plastic vanes will ‘kickoff’ and make things ‘far too interesting’.)

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