Is 173 a good score in an archery tournament?

October 2, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Kira Dorothy asked:

My brother just came back from an archery tournament today and got a score of 173 is that good or bad?

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3 Responses to “Is 173 a good score in an archery tournament?”
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    It isn’t the always the score that matters most — especially when the score doesn’t measure how much fun was had. 173 points, out of….?

    Did your brother learn anything new? Was the experience an enjoyable one, or was it frustrating — and did he learn anything from it at all? Those are the kind of questions you should ask.

    Not whether a “173″ score is “good”.

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    Like Archerdude said, all that matters is, did he have fun? Did he learn anything from that experience?

    Whether a score is good or not, also depends on the round, and the equipment used. A barebow shooter shooting that score in an outdoor 90m round, then he might’ve just broken the world record.

  3. Car Auctions says:

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    the score is only part of the story a score of 173 out of 300? the total possible score is important to know.
    But I am going to finish with my usual…..did he have fun?? did he learn something new?? …did he shoot a personal best?? the total number really doesn’t matter the rest of it does.

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