im getting a rifle for my birthday?

May 9, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Zachary S asked:

im 13 tunring 14 in about a week.... and for my birthday my mom is buying me a rifle but i nneeed to know which should i get a remington 30.06 or a marlin 30-30... ok im in an area with lots of trees but there are huge openings with fields and stuff... im in wahsington state i live in the western part and i would be bowhunting for deer ovver heere in the olympic moutnains or in eastern washintgon or bowhunt for deer over here in the mountains and rifle hunt in the eastern part of the sate if i get te remington... but if i dont get that and i get the 30-30 i would rifle hunt over here.... so should i get the 30.06 or the 3030?
ive been through the hunters safety and i know how when and what to shoot im good on that i just want to know the guns and i want the 3006 aswweelll but my dad is saying get the 3030 but i ahte the sights and i took one of those sniper test thing with an M16 and i got high marksman (my dad made the test i shot from 100, 200, 400 and 500yyrds away from a target the size of a normal size boe target

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    Well ck your state laws as for adult supervision when using firearms and then if its ok get a 06…….Always be sure of your target and background. Its safer to shoot from a deer stand…..your shot will travel downward.

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    If you have a choice, Zack, get the 06. If you get the 30-30 sooner or later you are going to step up in caliber anyway. So why not get the higher caliber now, if you can handle the recoil. My choice would be a 7mm\08- ballistics’s comparable to the .270, and will have a lower recoil then the \06. But get what you will be happy with. Good luck with your gun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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    bud i just turned 15 and i would go with the 06. The main reason is that a 30 30 is a brush gun. Much past a 100 yards you can forget it. My best friend has a Marlin 30 30 and its okay. I like em but I wouldn’t get one. But a 06 is a lot better because you have a wide choice in grain on the bullet. If you want to make a long shot get a lighter grain. If since you live in Washington State then I would get the 06 because you’ll be able to hunt for Elk, Moose, whatever the heck else is up there. Also when you hunt big game like that then you can get a heavier grain. I was They are great guns. But down here in Florida (it sucks, trust me) a Marlin 30 30 is a great gun. I personally deer hunt with a Savage .308 cause I can make long shots. I am fixing to move up to a .300 short or win (not sure which though). I have never heard of a bad thing out of a Marlin 30 30 but aren’t much good past a hundred yards. So I hope that I have been able to help out some. I guess since we are the same age.

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    I’ve hunting in Idaho and eastern Washington since 1973 and considering the terrain and opportunities available the 30-06 is the way to go. You can use it for elk hunting on the east Cascade slopes/Yakima or go for Roosevelt elk on the west side. I’ve had shots from 400 yards down to 30 feet and I would always choose the ability to shoot longer. The 30-30 is a good cartridge,but there are so many better options these days too. 30-06 isn’t a recoil beast either; I bought my first one when I was 14 and my 12 year old can shoot reduced recoil with my Browning. I would get a stainless/composite set up given the environment you are in to help with maintaining the rifle with all that humidity. Remington offers some rifles with a stainless steel looking finish,TriNyte, that is suppose to help.The Remington XCR has many of the features you may want to look at.

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    Personally, I would go with the 30-06, but when it comes down to what type of terrain your hunting. If you in a lot of brush, then a 30-30 is better, if your over open fields and mountains, then a 30-06.

  6. Mens Jewelry says:

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    got to go with the 30-06. Its gunna be better for a lot more situtation that might come up in a place like Washington

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    a 30-06 would be the better gun, but why not a .308? it is a great gun for distance as well as short. it can kill anything in north america you need (exception….polar bear) and it isnt mega expensive to shoot and it kicks less than a 30-06 and, i is more accurate.
    try this link, one of the most accurate rifles out there, comes in left and right handed versions… and the bigger calibers-

  8. Nintendo DS says:

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    I suggest you look into a Mosin-Nagant 91/30, I know it’s not something on your list but that’s likely due to their obscurity in the mainstream. They’re surplus weapons from the WWII era and run about $120 shipped to your nearest FFL or you can search gunshows and local gun forums for someone selling one face-to-face, or go on that same forum and post a WTB 91/30 and someone WILL sell you one.

    Ammo is cheaper than 9mm. It is usually corrosive (you’ll want the stuff that weighs less than 150 grains, I’m told it’ll strip the barrel out quick otherwise) check and for ammo. It will teach you good discipline as far as taking care of your rifle. If you don’t clean it well and quickly you run the risk of it rusting out.

    It’s also a good shooting round comparable to the 30-06 but costs about 1/4 of the amount. People use them to hunt damn near anything under 1000 pounds so your deer shouldn’t have a problem. Seriously though, it’s a really fun rifle to shoot. Check it out.

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