I want to start hunting. How do I get a New York State Permit and what type of rifle should I buy?

June 27, 2010 by Bowhunter  
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Chelsea Fan asked:

I want to start hunting.
How do I get a New York State Permit and what type of rifle should I buy?


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4 Responses to “I want to start hunting. How do I get a New York State Permit and what type of rifle should I buy?”
  1. Bowtech

    When buying a rifle, before you even buy one, make sure you know how to handle all firearms safely. As for the rifle itself, you have thousands of options. The main thing is for it to be one that you like the way it handles and you are accurate with it. Not all rifles are for everyone, and some like to buy more caliber than they can handle.

    If the most you can comfortably take is a .308, then dont buy a .30-06 or .300 magnum. Everyone will come along telling you what you “should” or “oughta” buy, but you only have to make yourself happy with your purchase.

    For getting your hunting license. Most states require you to have gone through a hunders safety course. As for getting one in New York, the people who teach hunters safety should be able to tell you. Personally i dont know since im not in NY. I do wish you the best of luck.

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    Unless you live in NYC you don’t need a “permit” to own a rifle,shotgun but you do for a hand gun.
    For deer and/or bear hunting there are a lot of options in rifles and rifled shotguns, so I include links to some basic info on cartridge/game selection. For deer and bear you normally start out at 25-06,270,7mm-08-up to 30 caliber and even beyond (45-70 in a lever action for example)
    243 would be a minimum for deer and not adequate for bear,but I prefer the 7mm08 or 260 cartridge over 243 now-still based on the 308 case-but with better mass and performance.
    First thing you need to do is take a Hunter ED course,mandatory for a license, and it isn’t a major deal. Then talk to gun shop and sport shop people about types of equipment etc-and do your research before buying anything. Good boots are important, as is getting waterproof, non cotton clothing for being out in the field,things like that.
    Rifle type and selection is personal, and when you are ready to decide go out and look at all you can-Remington,Browning,CZ,Tikka,Savage,Ruger,Weatherby,etc all make worth while rifles. Find the blend of features that suit your needs and pay for value not hype.
    Everyone has favorite rifle brands, just like trucks,beer and whiskey;so till you sample a few you don’t know what’s going to feel good.
    Lots of links,NY gun laws,hunting rules, and the rest, easier to read them than for me to type.

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    A rem 700 bolt action in 30-06 will serve you anywhere in North America and the lower 48. No permit is needed for a rifle. You will need a license for hunting plus tags and stamps for certain animals. Walmart and gun stores usually sell licenses plus DNR offices.

  4. Bowtech says:

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